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Stop Designing Websites that are Set Up to Fail

Website Design

You’re starting to realize that your website design is basically set up to fail. Traffic is low, visitors aren’t converting, and your bounce rate shows that people don’t care about your content. Do you want a better website?

It’s time to stop wasting time and money on a bad website design.

If your website is bad because you set it up yourself, or you hired someone who was unqualified to design it- you’re not alone. The availability of DIY website builders and amateur designers increases the presence of failing websites that are online. At first, you will expect to save money, but you’re going to be disappointed when your site falls flat… Then you’ll want a better website.

Written content and visual media

If you want to add value to your website, content is the number one game changer. Unfortunately, most people publish lousy content, if anything at all. Publishing written content consistently is key to drawing the right people. The right people are your target customers. When you provide helpful, industry-specific content, you are building trust, establishing yourself as an authority and showing those very people that you want to help them.

Visual content is another necessary addition if you want to make your website design better. Low quality images are a warning sign to first time visitors. They will assume that your company is low quality as well, and they will leave your website and never return. High quality photos and videos need to be worked into your website. Photos tell a story, and videos can demonstrate your product and/or evoke an emotional response from the viewer. The use of visual content can even help your website to perform better and give your pages more visibility!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Driving traffic to your website is absolutely a top priority. Without proper SEO techniques set into place, your site will inevitably disappear into the quicksand with other low-ranking websites. Your competitors will come up higher than you in search engines, and you will struggle to attract visitors to your website. When you optimize your website using targeted keywords, it allows people to find you when they’re searching on the web. There are effective processes and strategies used by SEO marketers that work to draw tons of potential leads. You can take steps to improve search engine optimization so the right visitors will find your website when they are researching and shopping for the very things that you offer.

Website Layout/Mobile Friendly

When a person visits your website for the first time, they will quickly determine whether your website is worth their time and attention. Don’t let your layout seem cluttered, boring, or difficult to navigate. The goal is to intrigue and delight visitors so they will stay long enough to learn more. If you want to make your layout better, you can start with the homepage. Do you have a good balance of content, media and whitespace? Is your messaging clear? Is the menu at the top so people can learn about your company, products and contact information?

Don’t forget that your website must be mobile-friendly so it can load easily and display properly on a smartphone or tablet or other device. If your site isn’t responsive and compatible for mobile use, search engines will actually penalize your website by ranking it much, much lower.

Domains and Hosting

Domain names and hosting are important aspects to web development. A domain or web address is just like a street address. We can never arrive at our destination without one. Make sure that your primary domain name is easy to remember and easy to spell so people can find your website. Your web address should somehow identify your company by name but don’t make it too long to bother with typing it.You should research some other domains that are similar to yours to see which websites visitors would land on if they mistype your web address. Hosting is also important for the user experience. The server’s limitations will impact the functionality of your website. Some hosts cannot support a high level of traffic without causing the website to crash. Other hosts have frequent periods of downtime, for maintenance or other reasons, and your website will be unavailable during those times.

Make the most of your website design!

Would you be willing to rework your website design if you knew traffic would soar? Wouldn’t you like to see web pages that generate leads with higher conversion rates?

If you want a better website, make the changes that will bring you measurable results. Invest time, money, and whatever it takes to turn your website into the marketing tool it was intended to be!


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