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Some of Our Most Memorable Projects

Web Marketing

You can learn a lot about a person by the company they keep. We feel this is equally true in business.

Here is an overview of a few of our most memorable web marketing projects since we opened our doors in 1995:

Rienzi Foods

Rienzi foods is the largest privately-owned pasta company in the world. They have been a client since 1997. Currently, their Sales / Marketing Director is Evis Savvides (formerly the CEO of Yellowtail Wines). Evis is generally regarded as the architect responsible for changing the way wines are marketed worldwide. He was featured in the best-selling book; Blue Ocean Strategy – an absolute must-read for anyone in the Marketing World. We work closely with him. Over the years we have handled everything from website design and development to social media marketing for them.

The New York Yankees

We created and deployed the “Smart Data System” and the public interface that the team uses for on-site promotions. For example, on their printed game tickets for home games, there is a promotional code printed on the ticket. You can enter the promo code into one of their kiosks around the park or on their website, or on your smart phone and register to win a variety of prizes. The system collects the email addresses and runs a very effective and profitable – promotional drip marketing campaign. The system collects over 300,000 email addresses annually. This was a 14 month web marketing project which allowed us to work closely with their sales team and their marketing team.


We created a solution that allowed an industry-leading animation package to access database information. This allows animations to be dynamic and instantly swap in and swap out real-time changes to product data, pricing, etc. – despite being animated. Previously, this was impossible. We created a solution never-before-seen and Nike asked us to come in and deploy it for them. This was an 8 month project which allowed us to work with their creative team, their digital marketing team, their V.P. of Sales, and their Creative Director. We spent countless hours at round-table strategy sessions with some of the greatest marketers in the world. The lessons learned during this time are some of the most important foundational pieces of our entire approach to our projects.

The Walt Disney Company

In 2004 – 2006 we worked closely with many members of the Disney Creative Team and their Marketing Team to create and deploy the technology for an in-park locator system that guests can use to find other members of their party. This system is not currently in use, as smart phones have rendered the system obsolete. Nonetheless, we spent over 2 years working closely with the most creative and most effective marketers in the world. We learned a thing or two, for sure.

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We boil down the experiences and lessons we have learned from the top creative and technical minds in the world – into a formula that works for companies with smaller budgets, but with equally large dreams.

“If you can dream it, we can build it!” 

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