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Top 6 Hawaiian Themed Websites

Top 6 Hawaiian Themed Websites:

While doing research for a client we came across these Hawaiian themed websites. We’re always doing research to improve our understanding of what’s out there and new trends in web design. We’d like to share what we thought were the best and a little bit about each on why we thought they were the best.



Excellent effect on the divers that scroll down the page with you. Featured Hawaiian themed elements include local fish and photographs of one of the five Hawaiian islands. Along with vibrant colors and a clean and simple layout, makes Snubamaui our top pick!


This page shows how photography can be such an asset with the images of their products. These images are featured prominently as background images behind their menu.

Excellent and simple layout with a beautiful background image. This simple layout shows how a minimalistic approach can be well executed.


Maui Nutritional Therapy

The transitions and mouse-over effects contribute to making this site great, along with a clean layout and great photos.


Holo Holo Maui Tours

Simple links with large icons help to grab your attention with a great background image tie this page together.


Mauna Kea Realty

The simple design elements that tie page together are very subtle but well done. This example shows how minimal design elements can set your page apart.


Another research links:

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