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Blogging: Hands Down the Best Business Investment

Do you think blogging for business is for Internet junkies with too much time on their hands? Maybe you think blogging is becoming obsolete. Before you stop reading, look at the stats from the best web designer in Somers Point NJ, because the stats don’t lie. Content marketing is on a major incline, and blogging is one of the best ways to invest in your business- hands down!

How does Blogging help business?

We all know that blogging is a hobby for some people. There are people that blog about their families and their interests, even if they don’t have a company or a cause.

What you may not realize is this: If you are running a business or an organization, you have every reason to be blogging!

While blogging is an investment of time – and money, if you hire writers and pay for images and video- there is no doubt that blogging will make your business more competitive and bring positive attention to your brand.

Blogging for business increases traffic to your site

Businesses who blog actively receive 55 percent more visits to their websites, based on stats from Webquacker. There are plenty of benefits that come with increased traffic to your site. When there’s action on your webpages, it bumps up your ranking in Google, increases your exposure and link sharing, and results in a higher conversion rate.

More visitors on your site means a higher the rate of transactions- both online and offline! So, even if you don’t sell products online or accept payment through your website, onsite sales will still go up if you’re blogging.

Blogging generates targeted leads

Blogging works to generate targeted leads. This is not about guesswork or good intentions. Content marketing is an actual science, and blogging proves to be very effective for capturing targeted leads and converting them into customers.

You can put content on your blog that will attract and hook the customers you are trying to target. Clearly defining your target customers will give you insight so you can write on topics they care about, using language that will resonate.

Dramatically improve your ROI

Time spent, managing a blog for your business, is time well spent! According to user data gathered by Hubspot, marketers who make blogging for business a priority are 13 times more likely to get positive ROI- and who wouldn’t want a better return on their investment? Get more bang for your buck than a similar company that does not invest in blogging.

Key qualities to prove that your blog means business!

What makes a successful business blog? There are good blogs and not-so-good blogs. There are wildly successful blogs and some that are easy to forget about. You’ve heard the saying that all publicity is good publicity, so in a sense, all blog post content will work in your favor…

Even so, high quality blog content is going to perform much better! Your goal is to produce high quality content to capture a potential customer’s attention. Whether or not you’re a great writer, your blogging goal is to provide value. Give them information that is helpful and thought provoking, that will move them to action. Thankfully we can handle all the blogging for you as the best web designer in Somers Point NJ.

Four ways to provide value through blogging:

  1. Know your unique selling point and make sure you’re consistent in your message when you blog for business
  2. Make your blog personal and authentic, so readers will know that you are a real person
  3. Interact with readers by asking questions, reading comments and engaging with them
  4. Publish new content regularly. Don’t neglect your blog. Commit to a posting schedule.

These key functions will help to make your blog successful:

Blogging builds authority

People will value your opinion and trust your industry experience, because of the time and expertise that you’ve put into your blog.

Don’t treat your blog as a journal. Think of it like a industry-specific guide for someone that you’re coaching. You want readers to understand what your company is about, things they should know about the current industry, and why you are different from others in the business. You want your company’s values to be evident through your blog posts. If you want to rank on google, you need the best web designer in Somers Point NJ.

Blogging is key to building your authority.

Use your blog to announce changes and improvements to your business, and events that should interest your customers. You can also publish case studies. You can warn people against potential pitfalls or mistakes and use your knowledge to empower people. Through your blog posts, your target customers will realize their need for the products and services that you offer. Just remember that your website will get a variety of visitors. Not everyone who visits will be a target customer, but the content in your blog posts will help to reveal whether or not it’s a good fit!

Pay attention to consumer demand for blog content!

Are you warming up to the idea of blogging for business?

It’s an opportunity to drive traffic to your site, capture attention and prove your authority on the subject! Customers expect to find high quality information on your blog, before they decide to do business with you. Blogging will increase your company’s exposure and trust, and that’s the key to earning their business.

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