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20 Examples of ABOUT US: The Best Way to Design a Web Page

The Best Way to Design a Web Page

The Best Way to Design a Web Page for the ABOUT US section is to start by finding some great examples. Your About Page is critical to making a connection with your audience.

Your website absolutely needs to have an About Page. You may call it “Our Team”, “Who We Are”, “Meet Us”, “Our Story”, etc.  Essentially they are all the same.  This is your best chance to show who you are.  This is the one section on the website that you can let your guard down a little and really show your company culture and your personality.

Sadly, when developing a new website, many companies treat this page as a nuisance or an obligation.  The About Us page can easily become nothing more than a list of names, job titles, and boring headshot photos.  Don’t make that mistake!  Read on to learn the best way to design a web page to introduce your company to the world!

The Best Way to Design a Web Page for ABOUT US has Changed!

In the late 1990s through 2012, the ABOUT US page was, typically, one of the least visited pages on a website.  In those days, people tended to go right to SERVICES or PRICING.  It seemed people were mostly interested in comparing services and pricing.  But times have definitely changed!

In recent years, possibly due to the popularity of social media, people are much more interested in understanding who they are going to be doing business with.  According to the analytics of the many websites we manage, the ABOUT US page is the 2nd or 3rd most popular page on a website (behind the home page).  For this reason, I strongly recommend you take extra care in providing great information on this page.

The Best Way to Design a Web Page in 5 Steps:

A great About Us page has many of the following features.

  1. Tell A Story
    A great About Us page tells the story of your company in a way that is interesting and compelling.  Avoid listing out a bunch or facts or dates.  Take time to share your story with the world.    
  2. Use Great Visuals / Be Creative
    Take care to get professional photos of your team, of your key leaders, of you (and your team) doing what you do.  
  3. Be Professional While Showing Personality
    Basically, remember to be interesting.  Don’t forget that people are coming to your website (and this page in particular) to see who you are.  Don’t let them think you are boring and lack personality!
  4. Focus on Impact
    Borrowing a concept from a dear friend Wendy Lipton-Dibner and her Best-Selling Book, make sure you focus on the impact you want to have in this world – as you write your story and all the content on this page.  Doing this will have a powerful effect of attracting the type of clients you want to work with and the type of employees you want to work with.
  5. Use Subtitles and Short Blurbs
    Use clear, strong headlines with short blurbs to describe each of your topics.  If people are interested, give them the opportunity to “click in” and get even more information.  This allows people to see what you are about at a high level, stopping on the items that interest them the most and passing over items they don’t care about as much.


Examples of Great Website “About Us” Pages

Here are some examples of About Us pages that may help inspire you to reach higher and to go further with your “About Us” page. If you’re looking for The Best Way to Design a Web Page, there’s plenty of inspiration below to put you on the right track: 


1. Chobani
This is our favorite example.  It looks great and they are telling a compelling story.  As impressive as it is, if you look at what it took to make this page, there are a few great photos, 1 well-made but simple video, and a well-written story.  Anyone could do this! The designer behind this website clearly knows The Best Way to Design a Web Page for the About Section. Very good.


2. Humaan
Very creative.  Well done!


3. WWF
They tell a great story using website copy, video, and great photos.  It’s a solid job.


4. Dr. Jeffrey Magee
If you have a lot of information to present, photos, videos, etc. – this is a great example of how you can organize it all and still make it look good.

5. Rent the Runway
These guys do a great job of telling their story through photos, bold headlines, and body copy.


6. Mr. Joe Payton
As with many of the examples in this list, this site is not included for what is actually on the page, but for the inspiration it can create.   It is a creative approach, different from any other site we found.  For that reason alone, it belongs on our list.


7. Cultivated Wit
This is a very solid example of how you can include a team photo, individual photos, a mission, a vision, and a general description of your company without being boring!

8. SalemTown Board Co.
These guys chose to let the video and “behind-the-scenes” photos do the “talking”.  Great job.

9. Next Space
They did a solid job of telling their story while also using a timeline approach. 

10. Double Dutch
If your company is quirky or corny, this may work for you.  It’s all about matching up your company style with an approach that matches.

11. Molecube
OK, so this one is cheating.  This isn’t really an About Us page.  However, they used a strong THEME design and they were creative in their presentation.  We thought it was worth a look.

12. Big Cartel
Clever use of video.  This is all about personal connection.

13. 6tematik
It doesn’t have to be in English to inspire ideas.  I thought their approach to the illustrations of their team members was clever.


14. MailChimp
Outside of one great team photo, this is a fairly easy page to reproduce.  We love how they included the story and the team all on the same page.


15. MOZ
Moz chose to use a timeline approach to show their history.  It is much less personal, which is why it is lower on our list.  I believe this section should always establish a connection with your audience.  Even so, this is very well done.


16. IdeaWare
There are a number of creative ideas to use as inspiration. 


17. DoomTree
Here is a great example how 1 very good photo can make an entire page.


18. Giphy
Keeping in mind that these examples are for inspiration only, this example may inspire some creative ideas.  The page itself is weka. 


19. 500px
Another timeline approach.  As above, we would like to see a more personal touch added to this page, even so, it’s a good example to find inspiration. 


20. Simple As Milk
We actually don’t love this page, but it might stir up some creative ideas for you.

Other Great Examples of About Pages

Pinterest Examples
Here is a collection of pins which might give you even more great ideas. Do a good bid of research before you start so you’ll know The Best Way to Design a Web Page for your website! Whether you’re doing it yourself or working with a professional website designer, you need to have a very strong About Page on your website.


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