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The Ultimate Secret to Financing the best Digital Marketing Strategy

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The best digital marketing strategy is something that a lot of businesspeople neglect in the early stages of business- and this hurts their chances of success very badly. What if you could have a FULL marketing campaign on Day 1 of your next business launch? How would your results change if you had a blog series, a social media plan, a content marketing strategy, a VSL set, an email marketing list-builder and an ad campaign all in full swing on the very first day of your promotion?

Or better, what if your campaign could pay for itself?

Trust our advice for the best digital marketing strategy

Over our years of putting together countless marketing budgets and giving digital marketing advice to professionals in dozens of industries, we’ve learned how to solve business owners’ most pressing challenges. We know the constraints of the typical marketing budget. Our strategy allows you to generate more leads and gain more exposure for less money out of your pocket. And we’ve seen businesses boost their growth over traditional marketing campaigns by well over a full year.

You already know that you need to up your digital marketing game if you’re going to do any real business. Without a great digital marketing strategy and consistent work, you won’t be able to compete in this day and age. You’ve read the articles, talked with the business owners and seen the results. You get that business is changing, and you’re ready to take yours to the next level.

But how do you increase your exposure and generate leads with your hard earned, business-building, legacy-sculpting money? You need a plan to fund your marketing that won’t restrict the daily running of your business. And you need to trust that your investment is worth the long days you’ve put in to get where you are, without having to wait for long-term results.

We’ve spent our time and money identifying the most efficient way to use your resources so you can grow your business and make more money. You need a smart approach to funding a plan that will work starting Day 1 of your launch.

Our financially savvy approach to digital marketing

When you picture your marketing plan, what do you see? Do you see a social media post every so often while you are building up your Facebook presence? Do you see a plodding blog-writing campaign that you hope and pray will pay off in a few years?

That picture is painful. It is not the path to rapid growth and record-breaking leads. Here’s a picture of the traditional approach to marketing: Spend your budget up front. Make that back as quickly as possible. Add a little more and start over, building little by little. This approach is slow and insufferable. And if you’re like a lot of the clients we work with, slow and monotonous isn’t your idea of business growth.

So here’s the real power of our secret: Launch the entire marketing strategy right now. Start if off with a bang, and the momentum from that bang rolls that campaign into a self-funding, business-generating, money making avalanche!

Let me explain this with the First 4. Last 4.

When budgeting your marketing campaign, finance 12 months plus an additional 4 months on the back end. This last 4 you will actually use to boost the first 4 months of the launch. While the campaign picks up speed from the additional funding during the initial launch, increasing percentages of the loan are paid off.

Using the 4 additional months’ financing lets you take advantage of a full campaign’s momentum without having to wait on a traditional campaign to grow to the needed size.

At around the 8-10 month point, your budget should be nearing the break-even point. Revenue is increasingly streaming in from the website, and that means no money out of your pocket for your marketing. Your full marketing campaign is nearing a self-funding status, and you’re enjoying the new clients and increased exposure while keeping more money in your bank account.

Here’s the coolest part: Your marketing engine isn’t slowing down to leave you just at the break-even point. It’s picking up speed.

Typically, around the 12-month mile marker, your campaign is self-funded, the loan has been satisfied and your marketing machine is running with full force. Now, you have a business you probably wouldn’t recognize one year ago. You own a successful digital marketing campaign that has freed up your time and cost you less money out of your pocket. You can now work on your business instead of being forced to always work in the trenches of your business.

Achieve Success with the best Digital Marketing Strategy

So what’s your goal? A new line. A new product. A new venture. An additional location. Will your current marketing strategy get you there? If you’re not sure, put our ultimate secret to the test and accelerate your digital marketing success today.
Hey – Don’t forget to follow all six steps to a successful digital marketing strategy!

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