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Best/Worst Local Websites: Somers Point Web Design

Somers Point Web Design

Best/Worst Local Websites: Somers Point Web Design

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the websites for businesses, organizations, and associations located in Somers Point, NJ.  We put this information together as a resource for business owners and Somers Point web design companies looking to create a new website or redesign a current website in the town of Somers Point.

An Overview of Somers Point Web Design

Sadly, the internet age seems to have barely touched Somers Point.  The overall quality of websites is so poor that we couldn’t even find enough decent sites to round out a top 10 list.  From a web marketing perspective things are even worse.  The necessary TRUST SCORES and DOMAIN AUTHORITY scores it takes to rank high in GOOGLE searches related to “Somers Point” are very low (relatively speaking). This is a terrible review of the efforts of most Somers Point websites up to this point … but is great news for businesses looking to standout in the crowd moving forward from here!  A professionally designed website with moderate web marketing efforts will instantly put you ahead of most of your local competitors.

Analyzing the Website Marketing Opportunity

We analyzed data from over 100 Somers Point websites to create a competitive profile of how difficult it can be for a company to rank in the top 10 in Google for local searches.  Because the #1 indicator for online success is how much visibility your website gets on Google search engine result pages (SERP’s), we are focusing on this specific aspect to rate the relative difficulty of Somers Point as it related to other New Jersey towns as well as to the national average.

This article is NOT intended to be a white paper of detailed statistical analysis.  We did collect and analyze the necessary information and have created such a document.  That being said, this is simply a high-level summary of the situation, so … we have simplified our reporting.

Below are the DOMAIN AUTHORITY scores necessary to rank in the TOP 10 for their “local geographical market.”

Description Result
National Average 51
New Jersey Average 53
Atlantic County Average 22
Somers Point Average 23

Conclusion: It is MUCH easier to rank in the TOP 10 in Google searches in Somers Point than it is for most towns in the U.S. and it is slightly more difficult relative to other Atlantic County towns.


To see how your company’s website rates (in 10 key Google Analytics)

Best Websites in Somers Point

Here is a list of our top 7 picks (because we honestly couldn’t find 10 good websites).  The sites are selected based on clean, professional design, great photos, great information, and useful tools.  Essentially, we are looking for websites that work, that are useful, and that look great.  Apparently, that is asking a lot.

1. Bernie Robbins Jewelers
New Road, Somers Point

This site is super-deep with content and features.  There are thousands of products with great photos and detailed descriptions and you can easily contact Bernie Robbins for more information about each of them. The site search, product search tools, wishlist and other features make this a serious web application- not just a basic website.  Their Google keyword ranking is amazing.  Excellent job.

2. DotCom Global Media
Laurel Drive, Somers Point

Beautiful design, great layout, and great original photos.  The information is solid and the blog is deep – offering lots of value-packed information.  We may be slightly biased, but it’s obvious that attention is given to every detail of this website and blog.  An excellent website on all accounts.

3. Dr. Mark Kemenosh
Somers Point

Well designed, good photos.  They’ve done a very good job providing extra content (text, images, videos) to educate the patients.  It’s not great, but it is very solid place to start.

4. Brayces
Somers Point

A clean site with great photos.  The photos look like stock images to me, but if they’re organic photos they are impressive.  They’ve done a very good job providing extra content (text, images, videos) to educate the patients.

The Bad:  The subpages are poorly designed with no imagination or interesting page layouts.  Text and images were basically thrown in without much thought.

5. Great Bay Country Club
Somers Point

They did a very good job of organizing a variety of different business categories into a cohesive site structure.  This is not an easy thing to do.  They also did a very solid job with photos.
The Bad:  The page layout, fonts, and use of spacing is very basic.  It almost looks like they spent all of their energy creating a concept, then they simply threw the information into the subpages with little care given.  If it wasn’t for the use of high quality photos, this website would not have made it into our top 7 list.

6. Baia Restaurant
Bay Avenue, Somers Point

It’s a very clean design. Baia is a beautiful place to visit, and they did a solid job getting good photos of the facility.
The Bad:  This is a fairly common WordPress Template and they do have at least one broken link.  While they clearly didn’t hire a professional to create this website (or at least I hope they didn’t), they also missed an obvious opportunity to get photos that actually have people in them … preferably showing people having fun at Baia.  As with most generic website templates, the page layouts of the subpages lack interest, and there really isn’t any valuable information that would cause me to return to the website.

7. Dr. Halko
Somers Point

8. Executive Auto
Somers Point

Worst Websites in Somers Point

Narrowing down the worst websites in Somers Point was surprisingly difficult.  There were so many absolutely horrible websites that it really makes me wonder how something like this can happen.  What’s worse is that I am sure these businesses paid for these websites which is mediocre work, at best.  Wow.
<sigh>  This is where the tax dollars go?  This site is not only terrible on its own merits but it is a horrible representation of a proud town like Somers Point NJ.  The residents deserve better.
This one hurts me personally because I think they have the best donuts in the world.  Honestly, this site needs to be taken offline – there is not a single positive thing that could be said about this website.
Oh man.  A web company whose website makes our list of worst websites!  What fun!
This is a perfect example of ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”  The taps are used as nav buttons?  Really? A failed attempt at being creative.
Make sure you visit the amazingly informative ABOUT US page, to find out absolutely NOTHING helpful about this business.  They also have the distinction of having the worst set of product photos I have ever seen.
Oh man.  Even 15 years ago this would have been a bad website.  1995 called, they want their scrolling marquee back.
This site is so old and dated that they’re still using Mapquest for directions!
In all fairness, they are displaying their products and I’m sure they do work hard to keep it updated … but this is a classic home-made job with so many bad choices in layout, design, and features that I literally lost count.  Platts runs a good business and are proud members of the Somers Point community.  Someone needs to get over there and help them clean up this mess.


Web Design Companies in Somers Point

Below is a profile of each somers point web design company in Somers Point (physical address is listed as Somers Point) or any web company who serves multiple businesses within Somers Point.

Website Design Companies Located in Somers Point

DotCom Global Media

DotCom has roughly 20 full-time employees and is a full-service website design and internet marketing agency.  They have been in business since 1995.  DotCom works with dozens of clients in Somers Point and the surrounding area.  Of particular note is their national and international client list working with companies like Nike, Disney, and the New York Yankees just to name a few.  They have won numerous awards and have a stellar reputation.  In October 2016, the founder was honored to be selected to speak at the #1 rated small business conference in the U.S. (Forbes and Inc. Magazine).  This is clearly the top website design company in the entire region.

Evolve Studios

Evolve appears to be a small collection of independent contractors and service providers.  It appears they’ve been in business for over 10 years and they serve mostly local clients.  Their work is solid.

JSE Design Studio

JSE has been creating poor to mediocre websites for a painfully long time.  Frankly, we are surprised they still make websites.  They are mostly known for their Point-Of-Sale systems and other types of technical support -which we understand is much better than their website design.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Somers Point New Jersey Web Design

Somers Point business owners, this is a call to action to demand better… both from your Somers Point web design company and from yourselves. Your clients and customers are educated web users and online shoppers. You cannot be successful with so little attention being paid to your website and your online marketing efforts!

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