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Is Social Media Marketing Right for Your Business?

social media marketing

Social media plays a major role in digital marketing today. You may have accounts set up, but you need a smart strategy and dedication to make it really work. Find out if social media marketing is right for your business, and how to use it effectively!

Skeptical about social media marketing?

You’ve got a lot to juggle as a business owner. New things pop up everyday, and you can’t do it all; nor should you try. It’s wise to pick and choose, strategically, based on what is a good fit for YOUR company.

We’ve heard all about the wonders of social media marketing for business, but there are even more cases of failure. You might be curious how to use social media more effectively for your business. Maybe you’re not convinced that it works at all. You probably already have a few accounts already set up for your brand, and you don’t get much action there. Chances are, you’re neglecting your accounts, or the approach you’re taking is causing others to ignore you.

As you know, just being ON social media doesn’t automatically generate new customers. You’ve got to take the right approach, and commit to a social media marketing strategy that makes sense for your business.

The Truth about Social Media Marketing

The fact is this: Smart social media marketing can be a game changer for any type of business. What you need is a great strategy, and the commitment to stick with the plan! You might be determined to do it yourself. Or, you realize it’s time for a professional marketing team. Either way, it’s going to cost a fair amount of time and money to do this right…so it’s time to decide if social media marketing is worth it to you.

What’s the best platform for social media marketing?

There is enormous potential for a business to thrive with social media marketing. Numerous platforms are out there. Which ones are the best fit for your company?

To answer this question for yourself, you need to understand that each platform has a unique culture. While they all share the ability to find people online and easily connect, the platforms are very different as far as functionality and user demographics go. Pinterest serves a unique purpose for organizing and sharing web content, whereas Snapchat is a totally different animal. Likewise, Facebook and LinkedIn serve different purposes and each attracts users for specific reasons.

The best platform for your business depends on two things:

  1. The size of your market
  2. Compatibility with your brand

How many target customers actively use the platform, and what are they doing on there? Consider the key functions of each platform and how they fit with your brand. Are you likely to stream live videos or photos, or are you better off writing long form content and engaging in the comments? Once you understand the basics, it will be easier to see how to nurture leads and connect with customers.

Take a glance at these popular social media platforms and consider how you could use them to build a following for your brand:

Be a Savvy Strategist

Research to find where your target customers are, and how they’re using these platforms. Work this information into your social media marketing strategy. If your marketing plan falls short, no amount of consistency will bring desired results.

What does Social Media Marketing entail?

Your social media marketing strategy will be based on the platforms you select. There are many ways to target, connect, and attract leads that convert into customers. You can establish your brand, create awareness, and gain higher conversion rates. Social media allows you to build relationships with customers and pay attention to feedback so you can respond in the helpful way.

Here are some things we DO NOT recommend doing on social media for business:

Avoid the rookie mistakes that many businesses make on social media. Don’t do things that will cause people to block you, ignore you, or avoid you. Instead, connect and engage in a smart and strategic way. The goal is to build relationships and establish your brand in an authentic and valuable way.

Get Serious about Social Media Marketing!

If you’re not excited about your company’s social media channels, you must be doing something wrong. Are you ready to start using social media marketing as an effective business tool? We can help you develop a strategy for social media marketing success, and keep your channels consistently working for your business.

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