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Real World Backlink Examples (part 2)

Backlinks Part 2

Real World Backlink Examples (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 7 part series about how we create high-value backlinks for our SEO clients.  In this series we are looking at an actual real-world example of our SEO / backlink strategy that we are using for a series of clients in the fencing industry.  If you missed part 1 of the series, you should start here: Real World Backlink Examples (part 1)

Create Your Own Authority Site

An authority site is a website that appears to be independent of any specific company alignment or attachment.  It is more of an industry authority website.  It will take a bit of time and a bit of work to get this moving, but in the end, it will be much easier to build backlinks and trust to than a specific company website (in most cases).  This authority site will usually be heavily populated with blog articles that include lots of great information about the topic.  It also selects your target website(s) as “featured” or “top picks” or “highest rated”.  You can, essentially, give yourself a 3rd party endorsement.  It’s very powerful!

For this particular example, we created the website: The Fence DirectoryThis entire website was created to help us build high-quality backlinks to our 11 target websites.  It will take several months before this website is packed out with great information and all of the state listings are completed, but once it is ready, this will be one of the best backlink sources that our target websites will have.

Interlocking Backlinks

Notice that The Fence Directory website still needs its own backlinks and needs to be promoted.  This article you are reading right now is actually part of that process.   As the backlinks, the Domain Authority, the Trust Score, and the Citation Score increases for this website, it will pull up our target sites.

SECRET TIP:  We are always looking for a win-win situation.  In this particualr case, we have created an AWARD which is given by the Fence Directory.  It is a graphic for TOP RATED FENCE COMPANY.  This award graphic will be posted on each of the 11 target websites with a link back to the Fence Directory website.  In this way, each of our traget websites have received an award – which strengthens their credibility while simultaneously the award links back to the Fence Directory Website which needs backlinks from fence companies.  It’s pretty sweet.

A Closer Look at The Authority Site

If you go to The Fence Directory website, you can see that there are a number of sites that have nothing to do with our work for the 11 SEO clients.  It’s no problem.  We are not promoting any competitive companies so we don’t mind giving them a little boost.  Maybe one day Google will like this site so much that we can actual charge a fee to be listed on this site (or sell the leads that it captures).  Believe me, it’s happened before.  All the content we put on the site is designed to get Google to like us.  All the articles, all the links, all the content – is all designed to attract Google’s attention and to get other companies to link to us or our content.

Remember those awards (from above)?  We actually send those to some of the non-competitive companies we have listed in this directory.  Some of them also choose to place these on their website and they … you guessed it … they link back to us.  Easy-peasy.


A Deep Dive into the Backlinks We Are Using

Notice as you poke around the site, we are linking to the root domain of each of our 11 target websites.  We are also deep linking in different places.  Notice that many of the articles we have written are linking to one or more of our target websites.  By spreading out a few links here and a few links there from different pages, we can create quite a large number of backlinks without it looking like a link farm.  Pay special allention to the LINK TEXT we are using.  Keywords always!

Interested to learn more?  Part 3 of the Real World Backlink Examples (series) goes even deeper into our strategies of backlink building.

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