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Professional “Starter” Websites

For companies looking to get online for the first time, there haven’t been many good options.  In the past you had to decide between using a “local” web designer who probably dropped you into a basic WordPress template that wasn’t very good or you had to pay way too much money for a custom website that you weren’t ready for.  Well, now there is a 3rd option and it is REALLY good!  This article is written (mostly) for our clients and prospects who are considering this “starter” solution for your next website.

Semi-Custom Website Themes

We have created a highly customizable website theme that is the perfect solution for many new business websites.  Here are the features at a glance:

Cost: $3,500
# of Pages: 8
Customizable Colors? Yes, unlimited.
Customizable Fonts? Yes, the entire collection of Google fonts.
Customizable Photos? Yes, up to 1,000 photos
Customizable Page Layouts? Yes, this is not unlimited but there are a large number of layouts, styles, and variations available.


Features of This Website Solution

These website themes are already packed with the most common features that you might need.  They are also laid out and designed by professional website designers using every ounce of RESEARCH available from our world-class digital marketing team.  These sites are beautiful and effective before you even begin packing in your own company information and photos.  As a result, these sites are quick and easy to launch, yet they look like $25,000 custom websites … because that is exactly what they cost when we originally designed them!

A recent additional bonus feature we are now including with this package is some of our DIGITAL MARKETING COACHING MATERIAL.  We identified the top 10 most important items and the top 10 most frequently asked questions and we put together a powerful mini training program which you can read/watch in under 2 hours that will arm you with new insights and ideas about how you can get the absolute most out of your new website.  Just to be clear, we can easily create this website without you going through the training.  Here are a list of website features:



These websites are an amazing value for companies looking to get online for the first time.  This is literally a $25,000 bundle for only $3,500.  Websites can be deployed in 2 to 3 weeks in most cases.


How Does It Work?

We have developed an easy process that guides you through every step of the design and development.  Many of our clients who are just getting started with their first website are not very comfortable with computers.  That is not a problem, our process is so easy, as long as you can check your email, you have all the skills you need!  Here is an overview of the process:

  1. We send you a short list of questions that you can answer in less that 30 minutes.  This list will tell us everything we need to know about how to get the website project set-up for the next steps.
  2. We send you a list of ASSETS you will need to gather over the next several days.  These are basic items like your company logo, your company colors, photos of you and your key employees, a list of your products or services, a company history, etc.  You will gather whatever you have.
  3. We will send you several INSTRUCTIONAL SHEETS and INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS which will help you to organize your thoughts and to “think” a little bit like an internet marketer so your website can be as effective as possible.


Example Websites

The following websites are using the template.  You will see that there are just a few features that look similar from website to website.  It is actually quite difficult to tell that these are website templates:

We have dozens of other examples we can show you if you would like to see more.


This Sounds Too Good to Be True

The reason we can deliver all of this at such a great price is because of our efficient process and by limiting your number of choices.  While these websites have a great number of variations, there are limits to the layouts and customization we can accommodate within these semi-custom website templates.  As long as you are able to work within these very broad limitations, you can get a huge value for your investment.


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