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NJ Website Design Evaluations Score Local Businesses

NJ Website Design Evaluations

Local Business Grades: NJ Website Design Evaluations

The NJ Website Design Evaluations Study by DotCom Global Media is the most valuable free resource for New Jersey business owners.

No matter where your business is located or what types of products/services you offer, your online presence affects your bottom line. Do you know how your website stacks up to the competition? Even if you don’t sell anything online, your website design, online features, written/visual content, and domain authority still come into play.

Business owners need to keep a close watch on their direct competition, both locally and online. They should know how many visitors are finding them, how the website content is serving them, and where the rest of the targeted traffic is going. Since most pre-purchase activity takes place online, your website is creating a first impression whether you realize it or not.

Last year, Inc. suggested that half of US small businesses do not have a website. This is shocking news! Creating a website is easy and affordable, and it’s just as important as having a great product or service.

Websites are the most effective marketing tool. Whether you have a mediocre website or you’re completely offline, there is no better way to invest in your business today. Take control of your online presence and see how your efforts compare to what online competitors are doing.



Best and Worst Business Websites in New Jersey

NJ Website Design – Best Examples

As the leading website design company in South Jersey, we have developed a method for scoring business websites based on a number of factors. Last year, our company (DotCom) organized and launched a massive study to find the best and the worst websites in New Jersey. The DotCom team analyzes business websites in every part of the state and publishes NJ website design evaluations on a weekly basis.

See the NJ Website Design – By Location list of all towns and counties that have been published so far. This study is ongoing and new locations are updated weekly. Check back to see how your website ranked, and look for other local businesses that you recognize. Once your grades are available, you can see how you are doing compared to other business websites in your area or industry.

All Counties

There are 21 counties in the state of New Jersey. From the southernmost point of Cape May and all the way up to Sussex County, this is quite a lot of ground to cover! DotCom is taking a fine-toothed comb to the business websites in every county in NJ. The DotCom design team is fully committed to this mission and they are continuously working to add more towns and more counties to the NJ Website Design Evaluations Study.

All Towns and Cities

If you think the state of New Jersey is tiny, you might be surprised to learn that there are 566 municipalities packed into the state. Each town’s evaluation includes a minimum of 25 local business websites. It will take over a year to work through every town and city, so check back frequently to see how businesses were graded and ranked in your area.

Whether you are working with a professional website designer already or managing your site yourself, it’s great to get feedback from people who know what they’re doing. With a great website design and a solid digital marketing strategy, your website can easily become your most effective marketing tool.

Scoring Process for NJ Website Design Evaluations

To claim with authority that a website is one of the best or worst, you must look at a number of factors. Several items are evaluated and tested for the NJ Website Design Evaluations. Form and function both play a major role here.

4 Main Categories are Evaluated:

There are four main areas evaluated such as design, features, content, and authority. Each item within these four categories is graded. A numerical score is generated based on the grades earned in these categories. This is how DotCom determines how businesses rank on the NJ Website Design Evaluations list.





NJ Website Design Evaluations Scoring Rubric:

When conducting a study like this, it’s important to use the same criteria across the board. The NJ Website Design Evaluations utilize a scoring rubric for every website evaluation. Scores range from 5-best to 1-worst.

5          They meet ALL the criteria AND it is spectacular (talent).

4          They meet ALL the criteria AND it is above average in execution.

3          They meet all (or most) of the criteria.  It is an “average job”.  This is the baseline.

2          Slightly below average (lacks talent or misses some of the items we look for)

1          Significantly below average, not good.

Request Your Free Website Design Report from DotCom Global Media!

If you don’t see your town or business name on the list, you can request a report from DotCom Global Media. Our team of experts will evaluate your site and put together a full website design evaluation report for you- for free! This report will give you valuable insight that you can apply right away.

The NJ Website Design Study is invaluable to business owners across the state. Access to this much data and individual analysis is rarely free. Most New Jersey industry reports cost $990 each through IBISWorld and are not nearly as informative as our reports.

DotCom is offering individual website design reports and consultation at no cost for the duration of the NJ Website Design Study, since all data is used to further the study.

Get in touch with DotCom and see how your website compares to the other business websites in New Jersey.

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