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How The Newswire Service Can Help Your Business

Occasionally, a service comes along that can REALLY help you achieve better online results and get you greater exposure.  Let me introduce you to Newswire (


What Is Newswire?

Newswire is a press release distribution service that helps you create buzz and increase online visibility.  Their service feeds over 7,000 news and media outlets – including CNN Money, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.  For website owners, their inclusion in Google news and Yahoo news – is a super-exciting bonus feature.


How Does It Work (for DotCom Clients)

We will create a press release for your company – highlighting something interesting or unique.  Of course, this release is carefully crafted for specifically targeted keywords and links to your website.  We publish the press release on the Newswire service and wait for the magic to happen.  What magic?

  1. Google News is the 3rd largest search engine in the world. Millions of people search Google news for keywords they are interested in.  You will be seen by a whole new audience you probably haven’t had access to before.
  2. Occasionally, a well-known publication picks up your story. This is amazing free publicity you literally couldn’t afford to buy.
  3. The backlinks that are created by your press release are a big help to your website SEO – meaning, over time, this service can help your website ranking increase significantly. This is due, in part, to the huge TRUST SCORE that Newswire has.  Google sees links from Newswire as a very positive thing – as it relates to the credibility of your website.
  4. You can use the Newswire press release as its own reason to post of social media. By referencing the Newswire “story” in a social post, you are effectively promoting a 3rd-party piece that appears to be endorsing your business.


Some Interesting Benefits

Because of our recent partnership with Newswire, we can provide access to their service at a fraction of the cost.  In fact, some of the features we have available for our clients are features you actually couldn’t even buy through them.  The backlinks to your website are particularly awesome.  In every other service I am familiar with, the links from articles and press releases are NOFOLLOW links – which tells Google that you do not get credit for the backlink.  We have access to go inside the code and change the link type!  This means you benefit from Newswire’s massive credibility – when they link to you.  This is powerful!


Moving Forward

If you would like to know exactly how Newswire’s service can help your business, specifically, give us a call.  Let’s see how we can get even more exposure for your business!

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