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New Jersey to Florida, DotCom is Moving to Open New Location Alongside Naples Businesses!

DotCom: Newest on the Naples Businesses Scene

DotCom: Newest on the Naples Businesses Scene

This isn’t goodbye to our South Jersey business ties… but to our local clients and friends we say, “see you next quarter!” Here’s the scoop on what’s happening as we are moving to Florida this week to join the great circle of Naples businesses!

South Jersey Operations to Continue alongside Naples Businesses

If you’ve ever done business with DotCom Global Media, you probably have met one or both of us or at least interacted with us digitally.  I’m Sam Natello and my wife Anna is my partner in running DotCom Global Media, a website design and digital marketing company based in southern New Jersey.

We have major things happening this week: We finally bought a house in Naples, Florida and we are moving our business to this beautiful new location… and we are absolutely thrilled about it!


Sam Natello, DotCom Global Media

It will be awesome once we settle into our new home and workspace. This is an adjustment but moving to Naples is a great thing for our family and I also think it’s going to benefit our business!




Anna Natello, DotCom Global Media

Moving to Florida is like a dream! I’m most excited about spending winter in Naples and having warm weather all year. There will be lots of bike rides and going to the beach.


By September, it will be business as usual

Once we get settled into our new home next week and find our place in the circle of Naples businesses, things will feel very much the same. By early September, we expect to have unpacked all boxes and have our new office space completely set up with computers and servers and the best wifi connection that money can buy!

Moving day – Joining Naples businesses

Do not be concerned about DotCom moving, even if your business location is in New Jersey. Being a digital company puts us at a great advantage because it can be done from practically anywhere on earth without impacting our clients. In the same way that we’ve been serving Florida-based clients from our HQ in New Jersey, we will be taking care of our NJ-based clients while we are living in Florida.

In fact, our local NJ presence isn’t going away since five Dotcom team members digital marketing team members are still working for us in South Jersey (with the exception of two previously local content writers, who have since moved to France and Alaska.) Technology is a wonderful thing! The flexibility can’t be beat.

Quarterly meetings with Sam and Anna are an option

Anna and I will come back to New Jersey once every quarter for in-person team meetings and will be available to meet with local clients at that time. All other communications will be done through phone, email, and Skype. This is hardly a transition since most of our current clients are already communicating with us this way.

Florida is beautiful and a great home to Naples businesses

Why Naples Businesses Makes Sense for Us

Naples has been on our radar for sometime. Not because we’re looking to retire anytime soon (not happening) but because of its booming Naples businesses and gorgeous natural environment. We travel often to Florida as it is, for client meetings and business conferences, and the Gulf side of Florida is the most beautiful part of the state. The beaches and clear waters are pristine, and Naples is something of a golfers paradise.

Naples is fast growing, resilient, and full of potential

The Naples metro area (Naples, Immokalee, and Marco Island) was ranked 18th on the 2017 Milken Institute’s Best Performing Large Cities report. This report reflects “where America’s jobs are created and sustained” highlighting job growth and high-tech GDP growth and concentration. This is the third year in a row that Naples has been in the top 20. Tourism is a driving force in this area, which excites us for business opportunities since we’re experienced with launching Jersey Shore tourism websites like the one for Long Beach Island.

Naples dropped one spot on the Milken report from 2016 to 2017 largely due to the impact that Hurricane Irma (August 2017) had on Naples’ tourism and hospitality. This is something we especially can empathize with because the local tourism industry is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy that hit us in 2012.

Despite this drop, Naples has much to be proud of in regards to the progress it’s made in the first quarter of 2018, according to a recent Op-Ed piece published in the Naples News. The writer says local Naples businesses are growing and officials are preparing for the some 300,000 new residents expected to populate the area over the next 20 years.

Growing Markets for Naples Businesses in Florida

What Naples Businesses’ Networking Scene Looks Like

Naples was ranked as one of the best places to start a business in Florida. According to NerdWallet’s July 2015 post, Naples has 50 businesses for every 100 people. The Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District promotes is the prime real estate spot for local retail shops, breweries, and restaurants. Another nice tip is that the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University offers entrepreneurs free consulting services. The Naples Accelerator, a tax-supported business center designed to help small startups and international firms, has also made the area attractive to entrepreneurs.  

As far as Naples businesses networking goes, opportunities are endless. There are several active groups and associations in the area who specifically organize regular business networking events like Naples Small Business Networking Group, NAPLES Group, and Young Professionals of Naples.  DotCom already has a group of professional contacts in Florida thanks CEOSpace in Palm Harbor, where we meet with other business leaders six to eight times a year. I gave a talk at a conference there a couple years ago. CEOSpace is the world’s leading business acceleration conference.

I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the Naples businesses and networking opportunities. There are dozens of Naples businesses network groups on Facebook and We can’t wait to get down there and mingle with other Naples businesses and meet our new neighbors and start a new chapter of life as Floridians!

Meeting Locals and Working with Naples Businesses

We’re so thrilled to have this opportunity to grow the business, make new friends, and most of all we hope to work with other Naples businesses. Our B2B services are designed to help businesses do more business using smart digital marketing strategies. We want to find people who need solutions to bring in sales without requiring much of their time or effort. We are looking forward to seeing what we can do for Naples businesses and learning what they can do for us. If you’re in the southwest Florida region and want to meet for a cup of coffee to get acquainted, we’d sure appreciate the warm welcome. Get in touch with us at DotCom Global Media and show us around the neighborhood!

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