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MORE Advanced Tactics for Facebook Referrals

We are closing out a series of articles about how to get more referrals using Facebook.  If you have missed any of these articles, I strongly recommend you go back and start from the beginning:


Solving a Big Problem With a Clever Solution

Many home service professionals have a problem when trying to execute the Facebook Helpful Share strategy.  The success of the strategy depends on the quality of the photos you can get.

For fence companies that have chewed up the grass during the installation process or pool companies that installed a beautiful pool, but there is no patio furniture installed yet to make the yard look beautiful, … or any number of services that have a difficult time getting great photos at the conclusion of the project, we have a solution for you!


Introducing: The 3-month or 6-month checkup

You let the customer know that you will be back out in a specified period of time to do a follow-up inspection to make sure everything is still perfect.  This is a level of service that no other company in your industry is providing … which is an awesome selling point!  It also allows you to return at a time when the grass has had time to grow back, flowers have been planted, outdoor furniture is in place, the homeowner is home, etc.  

Now you can grab those beautiful photos you always had trouble getting before … and the customer is thrilled to have you return to make sure everything is still good.

Because there is no specific “clock” on this follow-up. You can actually bring along a professional photographer to hit a dozen jobs (or more) on the same day to get a large pile of awesome project photos.  

This is just the beginning!

There are a hundred variations of this strategy that can solve a lot of problems that contractors typically have when attempting to get great photos.  


Additional Benefits of Using the Check-Up Solution

Coming back to the job several months later isn’t just great for Facebook referrals.  Here are some of the additional benefits this process solution can create (depending on your situation):

  1. Upsell Opportunities
    Depending on your industry and situation, returning to a happy customer many months later is a great way to secure follow-up sales.  This is especially true for businesses that offer ongoing/annual service contracts.  You can time your follow-ups to coincide with the best time to offer these additional sales opportunities.
  2. Improve Your Sales Presentation / Competitive Advantage
    Use this marketing strategy to the benefit of your SALES process!  You can add the fact that you provide this additional service, this follow-up – right in your sales presentation.  This is an added benefit of choosing to work with your company.  It demonstrates that your company goes the “extra mile”.  It’s a win-win.
  3. Testimonials and Reviews
    No matter how hard you try to secure testimonials and reviews, some people are just slow to respond.  This follow-up visit can give you an additional opportunity to attempt to secure these items.  You can present it as an “oh by the way, did you ever give us a review?  Would you mind? … “.  You can pull out your cell phone of iPad right there and send them the link to your reviews as you are standing there with them.  In our experience, you will secure easily 50% more reviews simply by using this techniques while standing with them.
  4. Getting the Proper Person Handling The Proper “Stuff”
    With many home services, the laborers are the ones there at the home at the end of the project.  The owner and/or marketing people who are almost always better at talking to the customers are usually not there when it comes time to gather reviews, photos, and testimonials.  By returning a few months later, you ensure that the people from your company you WANT talking to the customers , getting the photos, etc – are the ones that are actually there.

Customize Your Solution

There are so many clever ways to customize these strategies and tactics … if you can’t figure out how to get it done, let me know … we’ll figure it out together!  There are many variations of this strategy being used by our clients across many different industries.  I am sure we can help you put a winning strategy in place for your company as well.  


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