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Best/Worst Mays Landing NJ Website Design

Mays Landing NJ Website Design

Best/Worst Mays Landing NJ Website Design

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the websites for businesses, organizations, and associations located in Mays Landing NJ. This article is intended to be a resource for business owners and website design companies looking to create a new website, or redesign a current Mays Landing NJ website design.

In this article we have included the following information:

  1. A brief overview of the town from a business perspective, and the need for a functional and beautiful Mays Landing NJ website design.
  2. Examples of the Best Website Design in Mays Landing New Jersey
  3. Examples of the Worst Website Design in Mays Landing  New Jersey
  4. A simple directory of the web designers in Mays Landing New Jersey, or web design companies known for their Mays Landing NJ website design work.

Overview of the Opportunity/Need for Mays Landing NJ Website Design

Analyzing the current business environment and growth opportunities in Mays Landing New Jersey

Mays Landing NJ is an unexpectedly vibrant place. Mays Landing is a twenty-minute drive from famous shore towns Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Cape May. You can’t beat the location when it comes to convenience, cost of living, and great schools. The historic town of Mays Landing is laid back in the winter and bustling in the summer. Despite the present economic state, Mays Landing remains an attractive place for business owners to set up shop. With lower property taxes and a strong community spirit, this town proves resilient as it continues to grow.

Mays Landing offers a good balance of residential and commercial areas. Local schools include some of Atlantic County’s best elementary and high schools, plus a vocational school, a special services school, and Atlantic Cape Community College’s main campus.

The Hamilton Mall and numerous shopping districts are in Mays Landing, plus a gymnastics center and new trampoline park. Downtown, there is a quaint Main Street lined with shops and cafes, two parks, a public library and a historic courthouse.

Read through this article carefully if your business is located in Mays Landing NJ, or if you are planning to establish a company there. Your online presence is a huge piece of your business image and identity- Even if you’re NOT paying attention to it, your website says something about your business, good or bad.

To see how your company’s website rates (in 10 key Google Analytics)

Best Examples of Mays Landing NJ Website Design

In addition to the most obvious features, there are many little things that make a website design great and effective. Top marks go to beautiful websites that have useful information AND are doing the types of things that make them attractive to Google, while also providing a positive user experience. Through our search, we came across  some good and bad local examples of Mays Landing  New Jersey websites. Here’s what we found:

  1. Mays Landing Country Club –

Mays Landing NJ Website Design Grade B
Not going to lie- this website is not one of the best we’ve ever seen, not by a long shot, but it’s arguably one of the best Mays Landing NJ website design examples. Especially comparing the design, elements, and SEO ranking to other area golf courses, the Mays Landing Country Club is in a league of its own. This website is on page two of Google, whereas the others are without a trace. The design of this website is clean and modern, and photos are professional grade, and the pages and features work well on both computer and mobile devices. The main area where this site is lacking is with written content. There is very little information and you won’t find a blog or helpful articles about golfing. With a few changes, they’d be very capable of getting an A according to our grading system. But for now, B it is.

The Bad: Seemingly, the website owners don’t take time to write and edit content for these pages. Another thing this website could do is add some high quality outbound links.

  1. Level Up Entertainment –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: B

Our affinity for nerd culture and video gaming doesn’t hurt, but we thought this website was pretty awesome! There are some things we’d do a lot differently to improve the function and trust/authority of the site, but the design by itself is effective and consistent with techie branding. This website offers a lot of valuable stuff such as video game buying and selling, other gamer merchandise, and info about upcoming events that appeal to their target customer. The blog posts aren’t high quality in content or keywords, but the blog is kept updated which gives the visitor a more positive impression of the site. We like the site, yet we’d love to improve upon it with some tweaks that would help drive traffic and improve the user experience. Still, it’s one of the best Mays Landing NJ website design examples that we found.

The Bad: Probably the worst thing about this website is that Google doesn’t trust it. Also, it’s really a site within a site because the visitor is redirected to the ecommerce site when they click on “shop now.” It’s not the best set up, and doesn’t feel secure, despite the SSL.

  1. DotCom Global Media –

Mays Landing NJ Website Design Grade A

After hunting online for a third and final example of the best Mays Landing NJ website design, we came up empty. So, the consensus was to evaluate our own website and give DotCom Global Media a grade, as objectively as possible. With so many creative hands working on our website design and digital marketing each week, it’s easy to see why our site earned an A. Still, we can honestly identify a few areas we’d like to take time to improve. Like most entrepreneurs, we put our clients’ needs before our own, but it’s necessary to self analyze and make improvements. We found a couple tweaks to make, but it’s definitely one of the best Mays Landing NJ website design examples you’ll find. As a web company, having a mediocre website is not an option. It’s incredible how many obvious mistakes we see on websites that are representing website designers. We’re glad we took time to revamp ours last year, made our own website and blog a main priority.

Here’s a website design analysis for DotCom Global Media, which relocated to Mays Landing NJ in 2017:

The Bad: We could use a helpful resources page, since most of our outbound links are buried in the blog. Also, we’ve not updated our lists of referral partners and clients in several months and there are some new ones.

High Potential Examples of Mays Landing NJ Website Design

There are a lot of websites that kind of fall in the middle. They’re not good, but they could be worse. Most of these “high potential” website design examples are placed in this category because they scored low on our evaluation, but the businesses themselves are so great that we see a huge opportunity for success. Here are the websites that we found in Mays Landing that don’t stand on their own yet, but could be absolutely killer if they made the right moves.

  1. Hamilton Mall –

Mays Landing NJ Website Design Grade C

  1. Womens Medical Center –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. Mays Landing Pets Plus –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. County Seat Florist –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. All Paws Veterinary Clinic –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. Mays Landing Diner –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. Schutzs Landscape and Design –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: C

  1. Go Feet Podiatry –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: C

  1. Maurizios Pizzeria and Italian Grille –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D

  1. Boakes Funeral Home –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: D 

Worst Examples of Mays Landing NJ Website Design

Choosing the worst websites in a town like this is painful. As a web designer in the Mays Landing area, I’ve seen these types of mistakes over and over that are wreaking havoc on these businesses and killing their SERP ranking. Some of these websites are so terrible that I’m assuming they came free and ready-made with a domain purchase. The mistakes are numerous and easy to avoid if you’re a web designer who know’s what you’re doing.

  1. Atlantic Cape Community College –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Touch of Italy –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Hamilton News and Tobacco –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Charming Vapors –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Inn at Sugar Hill –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Joes Maplewood –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. The Watering Hole –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Golden Pyramid Restaurant –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

  1. Hamilton Trails –

Website Design Evaluation Grade: F

Directory of local Web Designers serving Mays Landing NJ

Below is a profile of each website designer in Mays Landing New Jersey (physical address is listed as Mays Landing) or any web company who is known for their Mays Landing NJ website design work.

Website Designers in Mays Landing New Jersey

DotCom Global Media

DotCom has roughly 20 full-time employees and is a full-service website design and internet marketing agency.  They have been in business since 1995.  DotCom works with dozens of clients in Somers Point and the surrounding area.  Of particular note is their national and international client list working with companies like Nike, Disney, and the New York Yankees just to name a few.  They have won numerous awards and have a stellar reputation.  In October 2016, the founder was honored to be selected to speak at the #1 rated small business conference in the U.S. (Forbes and Inc. Magazine).  This is clearly the top website design company in the entire region.

Evolve Studios

Evolve appears to be a small collection of independent contractors and service providers.  It appears they’ve been in business for over 10 years and they serve mostly local clients.  Their work is solid.

JSE Design Studio

JSE has been creating poor to mediocre websites for a painfully long time.  Frankly, we are surprised they still make websites.  They are mostly known for their Point-Of-Sale systems and other types of technical support -which we understand is much better than their website design.

While there is no shortage of business activity in Mays Landing NJ, companies actively operating in this town are lacking in the area of effective web presence. This is a missed opportunity both for businesses and for potential customers. Most Mays Landing NJ websites are poorly designed, and worse- they’re virtually impossible to find through online search.

To up your chances for success, get your Mays Landing NJ website design set up the right way on the right platform, with an approach that draws targeted traffic. A beautiful website that’s supported with smart tools and a digital marketing strategy will drastically help your Mays Landing-based business to thrive.

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