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Best/Worst Local Websites: Linwood New Jersey Web Design

Linwood NJ Website Design

Best/Worst Local Websites: Web Designer in Linwood New Jersey

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the websites for businesses, organizations, and associations located in Linwood New Jersey. This article is intended to be a resource for business owners and website design companies looking to create a new website or redesign a current website in the town of Linwood New Jersey.

In this article we have included the following information:

  1. A brief overview of our thoughts about Linwood New Jersey websites
  2. A brief statistical analysis of Linwood New Jersey websites
  3. Our picks for the Best Websites in Linwood New Jersey
  4. Our picks for the Worst Websites in Linwood New Jersey
  5. A directory of the website design companies physically located in Linwood New Jersey or companies that serve multiple companies who are located in Linwood New Jersey

An Overview of Linwood New Jersey Websites

Linwood is hardly a bustling center of commerce. The residents here love the town specifically because it is primarily a residential community, speckled with trusted small businesses. That being said, Linwood is a proud community with very accomplished professionals that are (mostly) not representing themselves very well online. The opportunity for improvement is immense.

Analyzing the Website Marketing Opportunity

We analyzed data from over 50 Linwood websites to create a competitive profile of how difficult it is be for a company top rank in the top 10 in Google for local searches. Because the #1 indicator for online success is how much visibility your website gets on Google search engine result pages (SERP’s), we are focussing on this specific aspect to rate the relative difficulty of Linwood as it relates to other New Jersey towns as well as to the national average.

This article is NOT intended to be a white paper of detailed statistical analysis. We did collect and analyze the necessary information and have created such a document. That being said, this is simply a high-level summary of the situation, so … we have simplified our reporting.

Below are the DOMAIN AUTHORITY scores necessary to rank in the TOP 10 in their “local market”

Description Result
National Average 51
New Jersey Average 53
Atlantic County Average 22
Linwood Average 19

Conclusion: Linwood is in the dark ages as far as online marketing goes. ANY company moving into the area that actually wants to succeed online and dominate the market can do so in a very short period of time. Established businesses beware… you are leaving the door open to be squashed online

To see how your company’s website rates (in 10 key Google Analytics)

Best Websites in Linwood New Jersey

Here is our top 5 (because we honestly couldn’t find 10 good websites). The sites are selected based on clean, professional design, great photos, great information, and useful tools. Essentially, we are looking for websites that work, that are useful, and that look great. Apparently, that is asking a lot.

1. Kollman Group Insurance
New Road, Linwood

Despite being launched 5 to 6 years ago, this website still looks great and functions well. Their various online quote forms and deep pages provide tons of useful information and the ability to get what you want very easily. This site is being redesigned with all the latest bells and whistles, as we speak. The updated version should be launched very soon, as of the publishing of this article.

2. Equity Plus Land Transfer

A very solid design, clean and professional. The photos are good and there is a fair amount of content on the site that is actually worth reading. Someone worked hard on this.
The Bad: While some pages and sections of the site appear to have been done with care, other sections are much less inspired, amounting to little more than a list of unformatted links. Also, there are a number of “small” details that were left unfinished. Even so, this website is lightyears ahead of most of the Linwood websites.

3. Montgomery McCracken Attorneys (local branch)
Cornerstone Commerce Center, Linwood

Here’s a professional site that works as it is supposed to. They have quite a bit of information (especially in the blog section). It is built soundly. It’s not awesome by any stretch… but it’s better than the rest of the websites in this localized field.

4. Gerald Miksis – Attorney

The design is clean.
The Bad: This is as ‘bland” as it gets. While there is technically nothing wrong with this website, there is also absolutely nothing special or inspired about the site. If it wasn’t for 2 decent photos (the HERO photo and the banner photo on the subpages), this site would have nothing going for it. The site has very little information and really provides no value to the website visitor. I doubt they have any return visitors, besides someone looking for a phone number or an address.

5. Fitzgerald & McGroarty Attorneys

Meh. There’s nothing to write home about here, but it’s not horrible.
The Bad:  Only in Linwood, New Jersey would a site like this ever make the “BEST websites” list. It is completely uninspired … but it works properly and it almost looks semi-professional.

Worst Websites in Linwood New Jersey

Choosing the worst websites in Linwood was actually fun. It reminds me of the “ugly sweater contest” … it’s almost as if the business owners in Linwood, New Jersey were trying to be named “worst websites in Linwood.” These are so absolutely horrible, it’s almost to the point of becoming “cult classics” like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I am seeing a pattern here. The Somers Point city site was number one one our worst websites list, and now the Linwood city website is number worst for Linwood, New Jersey. I suppose these may be “free” websites provided by the state or the county? Sometimes “free” just isn’t worth it. Aren’t the taxes in Linwood enough to pay for something that wasn’t made by a high school dropout?

The Linwood Arboretum, umm, I just hope this was put up by a volunteer. We admire your organization and the beauty it brings to the community, but please stop polluting the web with a websites like this!

I must reveal that I do have a prior relationship with one of the owners of this fine law firm. Thank God, their legal work is excellent, because their work is not reflected on this bad website. According to their company profile, they were founded in 1971. I think that is roughly when this website must have been made.

Their tagline is “we’re different.” I actually laughed out loud when I read that, because their website was EXACTLY like a million other crappy sites I’ve found on my search. I do have to give them credit for trying to get more than just super-basic information out there. They seemingly did make a fair amount of effort to gather up info to post on the site. It’s just so poorly designed that the information  gets lost.

I hate to single this guy out because his photo makes him look like a very nice guy. We are also aware of the difficulty of running a sole-proprietor practice. So we do salute his effort, but this site is bad and no amount of empathy on our part will change the fact that sites like this ensure we have awesome job security with tons of work still to do.

Web Design Companies in Linwood New Jersey

Below is a profile of each website design company in Linwood (physical address is listed as Linwood) or any web company who serves multiple businesses within Linwood.

Website Design Companies Located in Linwood New Jersey

DotCom Global Media

DotCom has roughly 20 full-time employees and is a full-service website design and internet marketing agency.  They have been in business since 1995.  DotCom works with dozens of clients in Somers Point and the surrounding area.  Of particular note is their national and international client list working with companies like Nike, Disney, and the New York Yankees just to name a few.  They have won numerous awards and have a stellar reputation.  In October 2016, the founder was honored to be selected to speak at the #1 rated small business conference in the U.S. (Forbes and Inc. Magazine).  This is clearly the top website design company in the entire region.

Evolve Studios

Evolve appears to be a small collection of independent contractors and service providers.  It appears they’ve been in business for over 10 years and they serve mostly local clients.  Their work is solid.

JSE Design Studio

JSE has been creating poor to mediocre websites for a painfully long time.  Frankly, we are surprised they still make websites.  They are mostly known for their Point-Of-Sale systems and other types of technical support -which we understand is much better than their website design.

Last word on Linwood New Jersey Web Design

Linwood business owners are an interesting bunch to me. Anyone familiar with the area understands the “attitude” of the professionals in Linwood. They live in beautiful homes, drive beautiful cars, judge each other (in many cases) by what handbag and designer jewelry their wives are holding. Yet, they seem to be just fine walking around with horrible websites that are a terrible reflection on the quality of their business.

These guys refer people to their websites with the same pride of accepting a compliment on an ugly sweater. The website is just so bad  that it’s viewed a joke. The only downside is that a business website directly impacts your success. It’s baffling to me why local professionals in Linwood New Jersey don’t automatically prioritize web design! I hope it’s not too late to figure this out.

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