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Lead Generation: How The Market Leader Managed to Increase ANOTHER 1,300% in Only 1 Year

Lead Generation Client Profile

This client is the largest miniature golf construction company in the world, building beautiful courses on nearly every continent. How do they develop lead generation?


The Question

How do you make massive gains in generating and capturing new leads when you are already the overwhelming leader in your market?


Our Approach

An in-depth study of all relevant statistics suggested that a significant percentage of people who were looking for the products and services our client provides were already finding them.  We determined that we needed to find related markets – and begin serving them in meaningful ways.  

By studying the motivations of our client’s customers, we were able to develop a more complex BUYER PERSONA which we then used to develop an expanded lead capture strategy.

Simultaneously, we deployed a much more aggressive data capture strategy by creating more OFFERS and providing access to more TOOLS.


A High-Level Look at the Strategy

Note:  As with most of our case studies, we are not at liberty to share most of the specifics of the strategy as many aspects of the strategy are still being used.  

By better understanding the motivations of their potential customers, we identified several other seemingly unrelated KEYWORD GROUPS that should be targeted.  For example, people looking for information about opening a batting cage, a go-cart track, an ice cream shop, and several others.  In most of these cases, we believed we could demonstrate how miniature golf would be a better option or possibly a great addition to the plans they were already making.  By providing great content that related specifically to their area of interest and tying into miniature golf … we were able to capture huge new markets for our client.


The Results

Our client experienced huge growth in website traffic (430%) and website leads (1,300+%).  Shown below are graphs of both.  The new campaign was launched on December 7th.  Notice the immediate jump in leads while the traffic growth lagged behind for about 30 days (which is common).

Our client has reported that the overall QUALITY of the leads they are capturing is roughly the same as before.  So we did not have to give up quality to drastically increase quantity.  This is a huge win!



Even the market leaders have tremendous room for growth and improvement through strategic marketing.  The project is (in our minds) still in its infancy as we are currently pushing them to seriously upgrade their sales funnel/automated drip system to increase their conversion rates.  That will be the subject of a future case study.  

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