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Insurance Company: New Launch by DotCom Web Designer in Linwood New Jersey

Web Designer in Linwood New Jersey

Insurance Company: New Launch by DotCom Web Designer in Linwood New Jersey

Client: Kollman Group

Kollman Group is an insurance company located in Linwood New Jersey. They offer policies to cover your homes, automobiles, boats, and commercial spaces. They also offer health insurance, life insurance, and certain financial services. DotCom Global Media is one of several well-known web designers in Linwood New Jersey area. We were happy to partner with Kollman Group to design and launch a great website for their insurance company.

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Note: The website may have been updated since the posting of this overview. Please contact DotCom Global Media if you have questions regarding this website, or if you’re looking for web designers in Linwood New Jersey.

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Function and Purpose of this Website

The Kollman Group website is a place to find information about the types of insurance plans that they provide, and learn the process for getting approved and filing claims. It’s easy to download the forms that you’ll need, familiarize yourself with details for each insurance plan, and find out how to prepare. There is also a page dedicated to thoroughly answering general questions that you might have about different types of insurance.

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