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Hawaiian Restaurant: New Launch by DotCom Web Designer in Ocean City New Jersey

web designer ocean city new jerseyHawaiian Restaurant: New Launch by DotCom Web Designer in Ocean City New Jersey

Client: Hula Restaurant

The Hula Restaurant and Sauce Company is an authentic Hawaiian food business in Ocean City New Jersey. Chef David Rihl developed his love for cooking while living in Hawaii, running a lunch cart that became famous among the beachgoers. Eventually, David relocated his family to the Mainland and opened Hula Restaurant in Ocean City New Jersey. DotCom Global Media is one of several well-known web designers in Ocean City New Jersey area. We were happy to partner with David to design his website, which now operates as an online store for his proprietary line of Hula Sauces.

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Note: The website may have been updated since the posting of this overview. Please contact DotCom Global Media if you have questions regarding this website, or if you’re looking for web designers in Ocean City New Jersey.

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Function and Purpose of this Website

Hula Restaurant’s website provides all of the necessary information for someone looking to grab a bite to eat, or shopping around for a caterer. Additionally, this website offers an e-commerce function where visitors can order Hula Sauce. The Hula Blog is updated every month with cooking tips and recipes, and ideas for throwing Hawaiian-themed events.

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