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8 Tech-Savvy Creatives: Featuring Key People of Our Digital Marketing Agency

five key people at our digital marketing agency

five key people at our digital marketing agency

It’s easy to talk about our digital marketing agency and its steady climb to international success, but our key players deserve a spotlight of their own. Behind the curtain is a group of immensely talented, hard working people from New Jersey – and the world needs to know who they are! We are featuring 8 of our tech-savvy creatives- an unstoppable force behind DotCom Global Media.

A People Company: Not Your Typical Digital Marketing Agency

Most of the time, digital companies appear to be run by a bunch of robots. There’s a heavy focus on automation. It’s tough to connect with a real person. Even the content published online sounds like it was written by an alien that spits out lines of computer code.

Not at DotCom! We are a people company. In fact, we are one of the most people-y groups you can find at a digital marketing agency.

Our Digital Marketing Agency is Run by Awesome People

DotCom Global Media is a family-owned, family-run company. Besides the undeniable level of talent in the room, we are also very strong on values and personality. Our goals are set on excellence and integrity, every day of the week.

Deadlines are hard but the format and setting is flexible, which really attracts people who are balancing career goals with family life. Half of our work is done from our home offices and mobile workstations, while the other half happens at brainstorming sessions at the DotCom HQ  (or out back for “Frozen Drink Fridays” – a special summertime tradition!)


dotcom hq digital marketing agency

We Care About People, First and Foremost

We value each other. There’s plenty to say about what makes us different, and how we do what we do, but none of that would be possible without the effort and talent of our awesome, unforgettable team of individuals. Our people are rockstars. They are a diverse bunch with impressive backgrounds, charismatic personalities, and specialized talents. To top it off, we get along swimmingly….especially while hanging out at the pool or the beach, after “office hours”. 😀

We care about you. The culture of our team can be summed up as highly creative, hardworking, all-American and family-first. We emphasize personal growth and achieving great results in both life and business…and we care about our clients in exactly this same way. When you work with DotCom, you essentially join our family, and we willingly adopt your problems, concerns, hopes, and goals as our own! It’s just how we are built.


dotcom global media digital marketing agency

Featured 8 of our Most Tech-Savvy Creatives at DotCom Global Media

Eight of our tech-savvy creatives are the best because they are intentional about blending science and art. Mastering the web design and digital marketing space requires a balance of technicality and creativity. The secret to striking this balance is that data is king! We launch beautiful websites and publish impressive pieces of content, but every action serves a functional purpose that’s backed up by data. All creative works done at our digital marketing agency are tested and proven. We may not have the freedom of a traditional artist, but we use creativity to achieve positive results that are constantly analyzed and measured.

If we haven’t met yet, this is a great time to get acquainted with our key people. We employee several other talented individuals and we have partners who are equally excellent, but today we are shining a spotlight on eight spectacular people in the DotCom family. In true New-Jersey fashion, here’s a digital fist-bump as we invite you to meet our team!


dotcom global media digital marketing agency

Overview of our Team At DotCom Global Media

While all eight key people are local to South Jersey, there are three people you’ll most likely meet on a surprise visit to the office:

Two other important employees have been with our digital marketing agency for years, but they do most of their work off-site:

The last three we want to mention are permanent freelance writers– all from the area, but one currently living in the South of France:


DotCom Team extended

Where do we begin? There is so much to say about our team at DotCom Global Media! Mind you, there are others who have worked for DotCom and several more who work on a freelance basis but these eight individuals are the ones we chose to feature. These people are the core of the company at this time. So, we interviewed each other to get some juicy details to share with you! Keep reading to learn more.


Sam Natello digital marketing agency

#1 Top Dude in Charge: Sam Natello

Sam is the founder and owner of DotCom Global Media. He started this business in 1995 and has been on fire ever since! Sam leads this web design and digital marketing agency, from its creative direction and design to digital marketing strategy. Even though he’s the top dude in charge, Sam is often found “working in the trenches” since he’s still passionate about website development and business operations. Also, he’s a playful and funny guy and a wonderful leader. To know him is to love him.

Sam gave us some awesome answers when he was interviewed:

Sam Natello at dotcom global media


What is one major thing you’d like to see as a business?

My passion is in speaking, teaching, and helping people.  I believe that I have a unique set of talents and experiences that put me in a position where I can help a lot of people.  Ultimately, I want to spend the majority of my time speaking from stages, selling informational programs, and doing more group coaching, and consulting work.  I want to get the information that is in my head out into the world in a way that will help the most people in the greatest way.  That is my dream.  As an additional component of that, I have gathered a team under the DotCom banner that can help people get the things done that they need to do.  Knowledge is great, but it has to be put into action!

How do you keep track of names/people at networking events? 

I take an assistant along with me for that!  I am horrible with names.  I was a high school teacher when I first graduated from college.  I would try to memorize the students names.  I tried every trick in the book … nothing helped.  By the end of the year, there were always at least a few students I just wasn’t 100% sure of.  Nothing has changed.  Interestingly, I remember everything else it seems.  I remember stories.  Details.  I can tell you nearly every detail of each of my students, even all these years later … just not their name!  It’s kind of weird actually.

When/where do your creative juices get going?

My best ideas come to me while I’m working out at the gym. However, it is NOT that simple and it is a circular process.  I think most people would think I am insane … but I think it is an elegant process.  I am going to totally geek out here. My creative process happens in four steps: ORGANIZE, ANAYZE, CATEGORIZE, SYNTHESIZE.  (It’s true, it happens naturally, even when I don’t want to dig that deep into something, I can’t help it).

Here’s my process:

creative process at dotcom global media

(ORGANIZE) – I typically have to do hours of Creative Research first and collect hundreds of samples.  I Google the crap out of whatever it is I am working on.  I look for great examples, interesting ideas, and all kinds of different strategies and approaches that others have taken.  It is not uncommon for me to look at a thousand examples or more.  This is my prep work.

(ANALYZE) – Once I have completely immersed myself, I then go back and gather my favorite examples.  Depending on what I was looking for originally, it might be my favorite 30 or 40.  Sometimes it is hundreds.  I analyze the examples and look for common themes, patterns, styles, strategies, etc. It is interesting to see that, in most cases, there are actually a very small number of approaches that are common … but it takes time to see the big picture.

(CATEGORIZE) – Once I “see it” I then organize the examples based on the patterns that I am seeing.  I will review each example again, at least 1 more time now that they are grouped and categorized.

(SYNTHESIZE) – Finally, while I am at the gym … I think about what I have found, I SYNTHESIZE how best to apply this wealth of ideas to the specific situation I am working on at the time.

All of my greatest ideas come while I am at the gym for this reason … but it requires proper preparation.

Sam and Anna at dotcom global media


What motivates you to get through a long work week? 

I was homeless as a child.  Fear is a real thing to me. It is an incredible motivator to work hard … to make sure that my family never experiences hardship like that.  Additionally, God gifted me with endless patience and a strong work ethic.  I am also driven to help people.  I am blessed that by working hard and doing a great job for our clients, I am helping them.  I also happen to LOVE the digital world.  It is fascinating to me.  On every level, I am totally fulfilled doing what I do.  My challenge is to learn how to step away and to maintain a proper balance in my life with my family and friends.

Why did you name your company DotCom Global Media?

The original name of the company was Dynamic Revolution.  It was a different time when the web really was a revolution.  At the time, “dynamic” had a specific meaning relative to the way databases populated information onto websites.  I was all about dynamic data (I earned my Master’s Degree in Informational Systems) and we were WAY ahead of the curve on this issue … so it seemed like this was a good move.  It was not.  It was a stupid name and the “regular world” had no idea what I was talking about.  My first big lesson about the dangers of being too geeky.  Anyway, I decided to get simple.  In a single word or two, how do you describe the entire picture of what is happening online?  What is the most important concept?  After brainstorming hundreds of ideas I just felt that nothing says it better than DotCom.  It’s obvious, it’s simple, and it allows for growth.  Wherever the online world goes, I believe that the DotCom name will fit for a long, long time.

Believe me, it was a real challenge during the “dotcom bubble” in the late nineties.  My entire staff begged me to drop the name.  I was alone on an island on that decision.  But Im glad we kept it.  I think it is still a great name.  A more accurate name would be “We are excellent at all aspects of the web and we are 100% committed to working our butts off for you to make sure your business makes tons of money so that you can retire early and spend more time with your family” … but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue.


Anna Natello digital marketing agency

#2 Next in Command: Anna Natello

Anna is co-owner of the DotCom Global Media digital marketing agency. She serves as the project manager and also the manager of all things. (Did we mention, Sam’s wife?) Anna answers most of the phone calls and sets up the important meetings and sends the emails. She makes sure everything gets done on time, people get paid on time, communication is seamless, and she takes good care of the clients. Anna has no-nonsense, get-it-done demeanor but she’s a softy on the inside and she absolutely loves her dogs.

Here are some of the things that Anna shared with us:

Anna at dotcom global media


As co-owner/project manager at DotCom, what skills help most in your role(s)

What is one thing you look forward to on a typical work day?

Checking things off my checklist, keeping projects moving, and keeping the clients happy. I am so blessed because I get to sit side-by-side and work with my husband every day … and I get to work with an awesome team.

How do you keep track of all the daily appointments, phone calls, etc?

I’m meticulous about record-keeping on the computer and using memos and reminders set on my cell phone AND computer.

When/where do your creative juices get going?

First thing in the morning, I’m on my A-game. I get my best ideas when we brainstorm as a team.  I sometimes even get a few “brilliants” thrown my way.

What motivates you to get through a long work week?

The desire to achieve big things, the fear of failure and falling behind, and working toward the future AND helping clients work toward their future and their dreams.


Ed Yesko website design digital marketing agency

#3 Web Designer and Graphic Artist: Ed Yesko

Ed can take abstract ideas and concepts and bring them to life through intuitive design. He is a seasoned web guy, and he has a mastery of multiple technology platforms used at our digital marketing agency. Basically, he rocks. Ed is great at putting together promotional videos, editing collections of images, putting together awesome websites and layouts. Personality-wise, Ed is as cool as a cucumber. He likes to be outside in the fresh air whenever he’s not working on one of his many computers.

Here’s a look at some answers Ed gave us during a quick interview:

Ed at dotcom global media


What experience/education/background has best served you in your career?

College Eductation / Multimedia / Web Development

What is one thing you look forward to on a typical work day?

Listening to my awesome playlist and digging deep into the creative work

When/where do your creative juices get going?

First thing in the morning I’m on my A-game

How do you typically spend a day off? 

Outside in the fresh air far away from technology

At DotCom, what specific tasks do I take the most pride in?

Website design – designing and building new websites


Andy Macpherson digital marketing agency

#4 SEO and Social Media: Andy Macpherson

An expert in Social Media Marketing, Andy creates instant visibility for our client’s promotional efforts. He knows how to develop, test, and run ad campaigns that convert to sales. With a strong background in SEO and professional photography, Andy has a unique skill set that allows him to be ultra-effective. He’s experienced with setting up websites and blogs. With his opinionated nature and dry sense of humor, Andy is a trip to hang out with and he adds value to our digital marketing agency.

Get to know a bit more about Andy by reading what he said below:

Andy at dotcom global media


What experience/education/background has best served you in your career?

What is one thing you look forward to on a typical work day?

How do you typically spend a day off? 

At DotCom, what specific tasks do I take the most pride in?


Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney, digital marketing agency

#5 Content Manager: Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney

Rhapsody is the keeper the words. If her name isn’t enough of a clue, she’s great at developing colorful, well-written text to communicate and express ideas and relay information. Content marketing is a huge piece at any successful digital marketing agency. With the help of her content writing team, Rhapsody takes care of creating written content for blogs, web pages, press releases, social media posts, and sales funnels. Rhapsody has a background in fashion design and she previously launched a clothing company. She was the youngest recipient in the Forty Under 40 awarded by NJBIZ.

Get a glimpse into Rhapsody’s mind and life according to her answers below:

Rhapsody at dotcom global media


What is one thing you look forward to on a typical work day?

How do you keep track of all the daily appointments, phone calls, etc?

What motivates you to get through a long work week? 

As content manager at DotCom, what skills help most in your role(s)?


#6 Content Writer: Alicia Arnaud

Alicia Arnaud, digital marketing agency

Alicia Hartgrove Arnaud met Rhapsody at high school and they reunited years ago as young urban professionals in New York City. Alicia went to college for journalism and has traveled the world, communicating in several forgiven languages and teaching English to students in South Korea and Uzbekistan. She currently resides with the South of France with her husband and their one-year-old daughter. Alicia has been writing for the DotCom Global Media digital marketing agency for almost two years.

Here’s a look at some answers Alicia gave us during a quick interview:

What experience/education/background has best served you in your career

College education (BA in Journalism)/ Editing classes I took where I learned AP Style rules

What is one thing you look forward to on a typical work day?

Learning new ways to do things/ testing and observing industry trends

At DotCom, what specific tasks do I take the most pride in?

Research and data analytics and reporting and blogging


#7 Content Writer: Krystle Bailey

Krystle Bailey, digital marketing agency

Krystle Bailey is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and lifestyle blogger. She has published a book called Nourish where she shares a story of weight gain and weight loss and learning how to love and accept human imperfections. Krystle is also a devoted wife and a mother to two young children. In addition to writing for our digital marketing agency, Krystle works works as columnist for a popular local news magazine, Shore Local.

Here are some of the things Krystal shared with us:

I graduated with a degree in general  business.

What I learned most in college was the power of never giving up. After six years, two schools, and four majors as well as losing my father and giving birth to my daughter – I graduated. That showed me that I can achieve anything  I set my intention on no matter how long it takes. Writing my own story in the form of a book is where I became really good at understanding my own writing voice and how to use it effectively to impact readers.

What is one thing you look forward to on a typical work day?

Interacting with people. Loving on others, being encouraged by them, empowering the lives of those around me and just sharing life with other people.

When/where do your creative juices get going?

My mind is the clearest and most focused in the shower


#8 Content Writer: Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson, digital marketing agency

Sarah Thompson is the newest to join our digital marketing agency. Sarah is a professional writer and  communicator. She is also married and raising two young children. Sarah does an excellent job creating informative, well written pieces for DotCom Global Media and their clients. Sarah also works as a title insurance processor for an abstract company. She’s detail oriented and dependable- a great asset to the writing team!

Here’s what Sarah said when we asked her some questions:

What experience/education/background has best served you in your career? 

My work experience as a legal secretary and then as a title insurance processor in the office has taught me useful communication skills whether by email or by face to face client communication. It’s also expanded my writing practices with letters, legal documents and daily email correspondence with attorneys and other professionals and clients

When I’m not working, I go through a rotation of the following activities:

  1. Doing creative projects for myself or friends
  2. Spending time outside in the fresh air far away from technology (except that my phone is normally along with me)
  3. Packing in quality time with family and friends
  4. Checking things off the ol’ to-do list

At DotCom I take the most pride in… 

Communication! Researching and then writing the article assignments for clients based on their needs and requests.


DotCom Global Media team

We Want to Meet You – In Person or Online!

Don’t be mistaken by our laid back culture and the playful team spirit of our digital marketing agency! The DotCom team is fiercely professional and our work ethic is strong. We have great relationships and a fun-loving culture, but our favorite thing is collaborating to do amazing work for our clients.

Ready To Work Together? Let’s get down to business! If you want to work with DotCom, get in touch to let us know what you need so we can help you. Our home base is the northeast, but with a little technology and creativity we can meet up wherever you are. We serve clients all across the country. There are plenty of ways we can hang out. Let’s do something awesome together!

Learn More About DotCom: If you just want to hang out and learn more about us, check out our blog and sign up for our mailing list so we can let you know when we’re planning our next local event or online webinar. We’ll send you a message when we post something new.

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