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Cumberland County NJ Website Design: Evaluation of the Best and Worst

Cumberland County NJ

Cumberland County NJ Website Design: Evaluation of the Best and Worst

For almost a year now, DotCom Global Media has been publishing weekly reports on Cumberland County NJ website design, based on comprehensive evaluations intended to uncover the best and worst local websites in the business world. Over 350 business websites were selected for this NJ Website Design study, which included a full analysis and report of each website. Grades were assigned in the areas of design, features, content, and authority.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the websites for businesses, organizations, and associations located in Cumberland NJ. This article is intended to be a resource for business owners and website design companies looking to create a new website, or redesign a current Cumberland County NJ website design.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the websites for businesses, organizations, and associations located in Cumberland County NJ. This article is intended to be a resource for business owners and website design companies looking to create a new website, or redesign a current Cumberland County NJ website design.

In this article we have included the following information:

  1. Brief Overview of the County from a business perspective, and the need for an excellent Cumberland County NJ website design.
  2. Best Website Design examples in Cumberland County New Jersey
  3. High Potential Examples of Cumberland NJ Website Design that would do very well with some strategic design/development changes
  4. Worst Website Design examples in Cumberland County New Jersey
  5. Simple Directory of Web Designers in Cumberland County New Jersey, or web design companies known for their Cumberland NJ website design work.

Local Towns Evaluated for Cumberland County NJ Website Design:

This study is ongoing, and new towns are evaluated by DotCom Global Media each week. There are fourteen different towns in Cumberland County NJ and to date, we have combed through the business websites in two of these towns. Here are the towns that were evaluated for Cumberland NJ Website Design, so far.

Bridgeton NJ

Millville NJ

Vineland NJ

Opportunity/Need for Cumberland County NJ Website Design

Analyzing the current business environment and growth opportunities in Cumberland County New Jersey

Cumberland County NJ was twice voted one of the “best places to live in New Jersey” by Money Magazine. Cumberland County is broken up into fourteen different towns and townships, and the three largest are Millville, Vineland, and Bridgeton.

The population is currently 157,000 and the median household income is nearly $50,000. According to 2015 data reports on Cumberland County NJ, the popular specialized occupations are in the following industries: Farming, Fishing, & Forestry, Fire Fighting Supervisors, and Community & Social Services.

This county in southern New Jersey is centrally located, just a short distance to Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C. and Atlantic City. Cumberland County is an economical business location with convenient access to highways and rail service, and an abundance of beautiful natural resources and picturesque scenery. Prospective business owners in this area can take advantage of Cumberland County’s business incentives like the Federal Empowerment Zone designation, Urban Enterprise Zones, and flexible financing.

Read through this article carefully if your business is located in Cumberland County NJ, or if you are planning to establish a company there. Your online presence is a huge piece of your business image and identity- Even if you’re NOT paying attention to it, your website says something about your business, good or bad.


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Best Examples of Cumberland County NJ Website Design

In addition to the most obvious features, there are many little things that make a website design great and effective. Top marks go to beautiful websites that have useful information AND are doing the types of things that make them attractive to Google, while also providing a positive user experience. Through our search, we came across  some good and bad local examples of Cumberland County New Jersey websites. Here’s what we found:


1. Eastlyn Golf Course, Vineland NJ

Numerical Score: 93/100

Design Grade……… B

Features Grade…….B

Content Grade…….. B

Authority Grade…… C

This Cumberland County NJ business has one of the most impressive websites that we’ve seen in the area, and is definitely among the best in South Jersey when it comes to design and content. This website design is very strong. It’s easy to navigate, mobile friendly, great balance of imagery and text and there are features to make it feel interactive and modern. The original photography is high quality and fast loading. There are distinct calls to action in every section. The navigation bar is overloaded and should probably be organized into two separate menus, but overall the homepage looks very clean. Even the restaurant has great photos and helpful information. The menus leave much to be desired in terms of design and format but we’ve seen much worse. The best surprise here was finding the blog. This business seems to be making good use of their content marketing strategy. We have some concerns about the length and optimization of their posts, but someone is clearly dedicated to managing this blog and posting informative content on a weekly basis. Besides providing the information about the golf course and restaurant, this website also includes a place for wedding planners and brides-to-be. There are next steps for the visitor to take, whether it’s filling out a web form or contacting a key person at the golf course to handle the reservations, private events, weddings, or something else. There is detailed information given for each room they have available for conferences and events, including dimensions and layout. All in all, this website is very well done. It’s easy to use, beautiful to look at, and very helpful for visitors looking to join the club, plan an event, or simply play a round of golf. Where the website could improve is the area of authority and trust score. Their ranking is not great, which impacts their ability to draw targeted traffic. Overhauling the optimization of each web page and blog post is key to improving this website’s trust. Social media integration and social proof such as awards and testimonials would be another wise step to move this website closer to earning an “A” grade.

2. Peace Love Yoga, Vineland NJ

Numerical Score: 87/100

Design Grade………  B

Features Grade……. B

Content Grade…….. C

Authority Grade…… C

Stylistically, this website is breathtaking. We have very high standards of website design at DotCom Global Media, but this one has potential to earn the highest honor of an “A grade” – it’s just not there yet, but the photos and layout are absolutely beautiful, giving it a solid B grade in design. There is no question, as soon as this website loads, that it’s a yoga studio that means serious business. The photographed poses look real and they are stunning, and the subtle backgrounds details of henna designs really add to the cohesiveness of this website. There is a very interesting feature that allows visitors to take a virtual tour of the yoga studio. Client testimonials are presented in a nice way, showing photos and full names along with a brief paragraph from each person. The Meet the Team page shows photos of the two master yogis and one of them has a bio while the other is coming soon. (We hope this is true, because more often than not, it means that it’s never coming!) Another “coming soon” appears on the workshops page. Ten other names are listed as yoga instructors at this studio, showing how established this studio is, and how prepared they are to take new students. There is plenty of information about the workshops, class schedules, class descriptions, and prices. Best of all, the site maintains a very clean and minimalistic design without sacrificing content. The two areas that could be improved are content and authority. An on page content marketing strategy like a blog would be an excellent addition, but it needs to be kept updated with solid posts. Something like keyword optimized content is a great step toward getting targeted traffic onto the website and ranking higher in search engines. The authority portion has a lot to do with content and links also, and it’s worth the investment to get a better trust sore.

3. WheatonArts, Millville NJ 

Numerical Score: 85/100

Design Grade……… C

Features Grade…….B

Content Grade…….. B

Authority Grade…… C

Wheaton Village, now called Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, is the home of the nation’s first glass industry. The Museum of American Glass and the glass blowing factory are still fully operational, and there are workshops and tours scheduled year round. Considering how amazing this WheatonArts is, we were thrilled to find out that the website was equally informative and compelling. In terms of content and design, this website dances circles around several of the local college websites, which is both a compliment for WheatonArts and a warning for local colleges. The WheatonArts homepage is interesting and it pulls you right in with a banner for the Festival of Creative Art. The nav bar has six options that drop down into a ton of other items, but everything is organized well. There are photos of featured art exhibit, a list of upcoming events and ongoing classes, and two calls to action: shop online and plan a visit. Press releases are published on the Newsroom page. There are resources for educators, and various links to different staff and departments within Wheaton Arts. The online shop has a variety of products from pottery and handmade jewelry to glass blown housewares and home décor. A community of artists work at the WheatonArts studios and their works are featured and sold through this website. There are a bunch of cool things listed under the Programs tab in the navigation bar, including a nature trail and Folklife cultural studies. There doesn’t seem to be an active content marketing strategy in place, such as a blog on this website, but someone is taking time to keep things updated. One area this website could improve greatly is their authority and trust score. We believe if this website was properly optimized for search engines and keywords were used in the right places and the right density on these pages, this site would rank much higher in Google. The branding part of design could also be improved, to get away from the generic styling and make more of a recognizable statement, starting with the logo and establishing a style guide. Still, the WheatonArts website is one of the best ones that we found in Cumberland County NJ.


High Potential Examples of Cumberland County NJ Website Design

There are a lot of websites that kind of fall in the middle. They’re not good, but they could be worse. Most of these “high potential” website design examples are placed in this category because they scored low on our evaluation, but the businesses themselves are so great that we see a huge opportunity for success. Here are the local websites we found that don’t stand on their own yet, but could be absolutely killer if they made the right moves.

4. Sray Webster Funeral Home, Bridgeton NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade B

5. The Fresh Wave, Vineland NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade C

6. Delsea Drive-In Theatre, Vineland NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade C

7. Bogart’s Bookstore and Cafe, Millville NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

8. YMCA, Vineland NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

9. Landis Theatre, Vineland NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

10. Altered Art Tattoo and Piercing, Vineland NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

11. Fairton Christian Center Academy, Fairton NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

12. New Life Nursery Inc., Bridgeton NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

13. Cohanzick Zoo, Bridgeton NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade D

Worst Examples of Cumberland County NJ Website Design

Choosing the worst websites in a town like this is painful. As a web designer in the Cumberland County area, I’ve seen these types of mistakes over and over that are wreaking havoc on these businesses and killing their SERP ranking. Some of these websites are so terrible that I’m assuming they came free and ready-made with a domain purchase. The mistakes are numerous and easy to avoid if you’re a web designer who know’s what you’re doing.

14. Wildflower Vegan Restaurant, Millville NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F

15. Glasstown Brewing Company, Millville NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F

16. Winfield’s, Millville NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F

17. Magnolia Restaurant, Vineland NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F

18. Bulbworld Electrical Supply, Bridgeton NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F

19. Bridgeton Family Diner, Bridgeton NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F

20. Skate 2000, Upper Deerfield NJ –

Cumberland County NJ Website Design Grade F


To see how your company’s website rates (in 10 key Google Analytics)

Directory of local Web Designers serving Cumberland County NJ

Below is a profile of each website designer in Cumberland County New Jersey (physical address is listed as Cumberland County NJ) or web company who is known for their Cumberland County NJ website design work.

Website Designers in Cumberland County New Jersey

DotCom Global Media

DotCom has roughly 20 full-time employees and is a full-service website design and internet marketing agency.  They have been in business since 1995.  DotCom works with dozens of clients in Somers Point and the surrounding area.  Of particular note is their national and international client list working with companies like Nike, Disney, and the New York Yankees just to name a few.  They have won numerous awards and have a stellar reputation.  In October 2016, the founder was honored to be selected to speak at the #1 rated small business conference in the U.S. (Forbes and Inc. Magazine).  This is clearly the top website design company in the entire region.

Evolve Studios

Evolve appears to be a small collection of independent contractors and service providers.  It appears they’ve been in business for over 10 years and they serve mostly local clients.  Their work is solid.

JSE Design Studio

JSE has been creating poor to mediocre websites for a painfully long time.  Frankly, we are surprised they still make websites.  They are mostly known for their Point-Of-Sale systems and other types of technical support -which we understand is much better than their website design.

Townsquare Media

Townsquare Media is well positioned thanks to their affiliation with the local radio industry. While the name is familiar with businesses in South Jersey, Townsquare Media is more infamous than famous. Their website designs are stock layouts and the SEO and digital marketing services they offer seem to lack a customized strategic approach. We have only heard bad things about this web design/marketing company. You could get the same quality for much less money with those starter packages that come cheap with a domain name purchase.

While there is no shortage of business activity in Cumberland County NJ, companies actively operating in this town are lacking in the area of effective web presence. This is a missed opportunity both for businesses and for potential customers. Most Cumberland County NJ websites are poorly designed, and worse- they’re virtually impossible to find through online search.

To up your chances for success, get your Cumberland County NJ website design set up the right way on the right platform, with an approach that draws targeted traffic. A beautiful website that’s supported with smart tools and a digital marketing strategy will drastically help your local NJ-based business to thrive.

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