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Luxury Jewelry Store: Design Updates by DotCom Web Designer in Somers Point New Jersey

Web Designer Somers Point New Jersey

Luxury Jewelry Store: Design Updates by DotCom Web Designer in Somers Point New Jersey

Client: Bernie Robbins

Bernie Robbins Jewelers is the neighborhood’s favorite jewelry store. They carry a variety of prestigious brands, and have four locations in the tri-state area. The owners and staff are very knowledgeable about luxury jewelry and designers and trends, and they readily share their expertise with anyone who is interested. DotCom Global Media is one of several well-known web designers in Somers Point New Jersey area. We were happy to partner with Bernie Robbins to redesign their luxury jewelry website and launch their extensive jewelry education blog.

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Note: The website may have been updated since the posting of this overview. Please contact DotCom Global Media if you have questions regarding this website, or if you’re looking for web designers in Ocean City New Jersey.

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Function and Purpose of this Website

The Bernie Robbins website is an excellent tool for those in the market for a piece of luxury jewelry. Whether you’re shopping for watches, earrings, or an engagement ring, their website is a helpful resource. Learn about different designers and understand the terms and how to determine the true quality of a diamond or other gemstone. Their blog is updated several times a week with valuable content to help you shop with confidence and make the best choice.

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