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Beachfront Hotel New Launch: Beach Haven Website Design by DotCom

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Beachfront Hotel New Launch: Beach Haven Website Design by DotCom

Client: Spray Beach Hotel

Spray Beach Hotel is a family owned and operated beachfront hotel on Long Beach Island. This hotel is located in a fantastic location in Beach Haven, at a quiet corner of the biggest hub of activity on the island. This beachfront hotel has seen tremendous growth since Hurricane Sandy hit back in 2012 and damaged parts of the property and destroyed many of the surrounding hotels and businesses. Spray Beach Hotel came back with a vengeance, investing in new construction and building up the oceanfront pavilion and making upgrades to the hotel rooms. Now, all of the rooms and suites have king-sized beds. The sundeck has multiple levels. There are smoking-designated areas to accommodate smokers while keeping the rest of the grounds and interior spaces 100% smoke-free. The onsite restaurant is praised for the incredible seafood and live entertainment on weekends. There’s also a pool and plenty of indoor lounge areas to serve guests when it’s not a beach day; and when it is, the hotel has complimentary beach badges for all guests to use everyday of their visit. It’s a great place to go for a family friendly summer vacation.

Check out Spray Beach Hotel’s new Beach Haven website design! This new launch is an excellent improvement over the previous website design. Even though the previous website was a solid design in its time, the decade-old website was outdated and in need of a modern makeover. The quality of original photos and the color scheme are much better to represent the environment at Spray Beach Hotel. Their web pages are now so much more content rich and the layout of the pages provides visual balance. The text on each of the pages is keyword optimized for better ranking and search results.

Note: The website may have been updated since the posting of this overview. Please contact DotCom Global Media if you have questions regarding this website, or if you’re looking for more information on Spray Beach Hotel’s website or other Beach Haven website design.

Tips for Beach Haven website design

Function and Purpose of this Website

The main purpose of the new Spray Beach Hotel website is to clarify the rates and offers and to simplify the process of booking online. This website is a place to find detailed information about the hotel policies, rooms, and amenities. It provides a wealth of information that’s helpful for planning a trip to Long Beach Island any time of year, and offers incredible deals during the off-season and also gives discounts according to the length of your stay. Upgrading to a new website design was a smart business move for Spray Beach Hotel because the new website is more user-friendly and search engine optimized than the old site was. It’s visually more appealing and there are calls to action and easy navigation which makes for a better user experience.

Web Design Style:

The newly launched Spray Beach Hotel website is a great example of a professional quality Beach Haven website design. The design elements, features, and written content are all working together to make a cohesive and polished website to represent this client. It’s a clean and easy-to-navigate layout, and the photos make a human connection. It shows the opportunity for fun in the sun, with your family or with your date. The hotel is in a great location on LBI and it offers clean and spacious rooms where out-of-town guests will make themselves right at home. The features listed below are essential to any Beach Haven website design, and are proving effective based on the traffic numbers for Spray Beach Hotel’s new website. They are breaking every record in terms of analytics and the manager at Spray Beach Hotel recently shared that their 2017 summer calendar is filling up like crazy!

Valuable Content and Features:

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