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Advanced Tactics for Facebook Referrals

Last week we covered a great strategy that helps you get Referrals from Facebook.  If you missed that article, I recommend you go back and read that article before proceeding with this one.

This Facebook strategy is so good, it’s almost unfair.  Today, I give it to you for free … no extra charge!  🙂

The Strategy in a Nutshell

Remember when you took photos of the customer and you posted one of them of Facebook using the Helpful Share technique (previous article)?  Well, that wasn’t the only photo you took.  There are others you can use later!

So, on the 1 year anniversary of the completion of the project, you are going to post/share a photo you took – that the client never saw.  You will share/tag the client and congratulate them that 1 year ago today you finished the project together … and you wanted to let them know you were thinking about them and that you appreciate them.

It is the ultimate relationship-building technique … and you have grabbed valuable screen space on their profile, again!.  


How to Get It Done

This entire strategy relies on the set-up!  If you don’t plan for this properly, you can’t pull it off.  

  1. You must have gotten the photos in the first place.
  2. You set a reminder on your calendar for 1 year from the day you finished the project.
  3. You should probably save the photo you will be using, right there in the calendar reminder a year in advance.  It can be very difficult to go back and locate assets later on.
  4. I also advise saving the customers name, facebook handle/profile, and any other details you will need to remember.  Do it now while it’s fresh.  A year from now, it’ll be harder to remember!


Reaping the Rewards, Referrals

In many cases, this remembrance and gesture will be impressive to the customer and anyone who follows them.  This is exactly the type of business most people want to work with.  Again, you are not waiting for the customer to give you referrals … you are going out and doing yourself!

Tricky right?  Facebook can be an awesome referral tool, but without the right strategy it doesn’t do anything for you!

We have one more Facebook referral strategy which is related to this that is a God-send in certain situations.  That’s our next article.

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