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6 Steps to Get Started: Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy-6 steps

When you implement a smart digital marketing strategy, other things like funding, opportunities, and increased sales fall into place. Don’t let fear or a lack of resources keep you from positioning your business for success!

The Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy

You might be surprised to know what truly separates most businesses from powerhouses like Disney, Nike, and Dell. You probably think it boils down to money and resources, but that’s not the root of it. If these big companies failed to adapt to the new millennium, they would be obsolete, despite the money and resources behind them.

The reason why these successful businesses are still going strong is because each one took the time to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy to take them through the 2000’s. We know this first hand because we had a front row seat while these major decisions were being made.

Make big business decisions, even if you’re small

With the Internet and social media running the marketing world, every business owner has access to the same potential through the web.

If you ignore the digital consumer base, you’ll lose your chance to stay competitive. If you try to “wing it” by experimenting with some digital ads and social media, you’ll miss out on major opportunities and you will become frustrated with the results.

Your success is determined by how effectively you earn the attention of Internet users, and how well you draw them in.

You can’t afford NOT to do this

Savvy businesses in every industry are taking advantage of digital marketing. Are you doing your part to earn attention online and attract new customers digitally? If you’re not using digital marketing to your advantage, sooner or later, your competitors will bury you.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re not ready for digital marketing. Limited money and resources are a direct byproduct of a failed strategy or poor implementation.

What’s really holding your business back is this: a digital marketing strategy that’s specifically designed for your company’s success.

6 Steps to Get Started

With decades of experience, we can confidently advise you to take six crucial steps. If you’re serious about
developing a digital marketing strategy, this is not the time for any shortcuts. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter plan that works for all businesses. Your plan will only be effective if it’s specifically designed based on where you are, what you have, and where you want to be. To develop a smart digital marketing strategy, you should get started on this six-step process

Here is where you should begin:

1. Set your Goals and Objectives

Identify goals that actually work, and strategically tackle them one by one.

  1. Identify KPI’s and how you are going to measure them
  2. From X to Y, how long will it take you?

2. Know EXACTLY where you are beginning

Know EXACTLY where you are beginning, so you can set reasonable milestones and adequately measure your performance.

3. Focus on your Audience

Identify and target your audience, so that your focused marketing efforts will be well received and convert into customers.

4. Identify Your Means

Figure out what you’re working with and learn how to utilize your existing resources.

5. Develop your Tactical Plan

6. Get to work!


Once you’ve decided on a step by step approach, you can look at your funding options and also determine what markers to set into place.

Ultimate secret to implementing a successful digital marketing strategy NOW…

Finance your digital marketing strategy using our trade secret approach. We’ve mapped out the specifics because we believe you will be very successful with this financing strategy.

Digital Marketing is Key to Staying in Business

Set your business up for success as we’re heading into the 2020’s. With a digital marketing strategy built specifically for your unique company, you’ll have the same shot at success as the powerhouses do. And that’s not a hope or a wish- that’s a promise.

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