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Product Photography- be different

19 Best Product Photography Ideas Found on Pinterest

Digital Marketing - Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney - January 29, 2018

Do you know how to create product photography that converts sales? These 19 examples do the job! Compare these highly effective visual…

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the best creative photos for marketing

The Best Creative Photos For Marketing: Amazing Graphics and Clever Application

Digital Marketing - Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney - November 28, 2017

The Best Creative Photos for Marketing: Compelling marketing examples that will inspire you to design creative, more effective ads for your business. Does…

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podcasting benefits

5 Awesome Benefits of Podcasting

Digital Marketing - Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney - November 13, 2017

Podcasting is a powerful tool with a huge ROI. These 5 awesome benefits of podcasting should compel you to make podcasting a…

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Hacking Yelp Reviews for Your Business (Part 1)

Digital Marketing - Sam Natello - July 8, 2017

In this article, we will look at the real-world issues related to Yelp reviews, their value to your business, and specific steps…

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Social Headhunting Can Change the Way You Use Social Media Forever

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing - Sam Natello - June 26, 2017

Does social media “work” for your business?  Can you measure the ROI of your social media efforts?  If you are like most…

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Digital Marketing Guide to Online Content

Digital Marketing, Website Content / Blogging - Sam Natello - April 19, 2017

Digital Marketing Guide. I am often asked questions about the frequency with which you should post or publish “stuff” online.  From website…

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social media marketing

Is Social Media Marketing Right for Your Business?

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing - Andy Macpherson - February 20, 2017

Social media plays a major role in digital marketing today. You may have accounts set up, but you need a smart strategy…

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email marketing

Email Marketing made Simple and Effective

Digital Marketing - Sam Natello - November 2, 2016

If you haven’t taken some serious time to analyze your email marketing strategy, you are leaving big money on the table.  …

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digital marketing strategy

Focus on Your Audience: Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy - Sam Natello - October 11, 2016

A successful digital marketing strategy in Somers Point doesn’t just write itself. And it’s definitely not based on guesswork. Effective campaigns all…

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